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Βοήθα με να σε βοηθώ ν’ ανεβούμε το βουνό.
Help me, so that I can help you, so that we can climb the mountain.
(Ancient Greek proverb on cooperation)

Cornelius Wesseling

GrapeRover’s initiator Cornelius Wesseling invites everybody with an interest in Greek wines to join him in his efforts to make this website an important boost to the ever growing popularity of Greek wines.

About GrapeRover:
For who is GrapeRover?
Everyone curious about new flavors and aromas in Greek wine and digestives made from indigenous and foreign grapes.

What is GrapeRover?
A steadily growing information site of Greek -wine information, -travel adventures and -wine experiences. Full of stories about Greek winemakers, rare grapes, wineratings, history, culture and regional food. Regularly updated and interactive.

Why GrapeRover?
Because there is more to life than just Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and the likes.
Introducing and promoting new flavors to a world market saturated by common grape varieties. Greece has a treasure chest full with over 300 (often ancient) indigenous grape varieties.

Where will GrapeRover go?
Wherever these grapes are hiding out in Greece: on mountains, in valleys, along rivers, lakes and seas, in regions one has scarcely heard of.

When is GrapeRover in action?
During the four seasons: Spring for blossoming, Summer for abundance, Autumn for harvest and Winter for contemplation.


Here’s the presentation of our activities concerning “Project Greek wines 2013/14”:

An “Interactive” website by the name of “”.  This website is equipped with a so-called Responsive lay-out i.e. it will adept automatically to whatever screen you are using. Comfortable reading, wherever you are,  with PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone (iPhone and Android)!

> Please use the “contact form” on the site to inform us about any news concerning Greek wines, -wineries, -winemakers, -retailers and -restaurants.
After moderation we will place your articles on our website page “Pickings”.

> B2B: Greek wineries, International Greek wine importers/distributors and restaurants (worldwide) that serve Greek quality wines   are invited to make use of our offer to advertise on our site at   no cost  for a period of 6 months!    Please ask us for the details.                    

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An interactive GrapeRover Twitter page:
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A pocket-sized wine guide on Greek wines, food & culture*).

*) About the wine-guide:


What is the name of this wine-guide?
The title of this guide is “It’s all Greek wine to me”. It expresses a double meaning:
“I don’t know anything about Greek wine”…and “This book makes me curious about Greek wine”.

How and when will this wine-guide be presented?
The compact, smartlooking wine-guide will be presented in a 5 x 8 inch softcover version. A sturdy travel-companion, a perfect gift er just a thingby. About 300 pages in full color with comprehensive maps. It will be possible to make one’s own notes. The wine-guide is expected to be published around September 2015.

What will the content be like?
The main topic of the wine-guide will be the presentation of 250+ Greek wineries: they will present their wineries by an easy-to-read review, spread over 15 wine-growing areas. The wines produced by these wineries will be reviewed and rated by Cornelius on this website.

Who would buy this wine-guide?
Since there is hardly any comparable book on this subject, this wine-guide will fill-in a much needed requirement. (Wine) tourists in Greece, wine lovers wherever on this planet or just curious minds will appreciate this handy, compact wine, food and culture guide.

Please feel free to contact us for more details or any particular questions.

Yours sincerely,

Cornelius Wesseling
registered oenologist / wine & food journalist
Team GrapeRover
Middelburg, Netherlands