toplou-inter-e1382356775445A tourist guide for wine-lovers….
To be presented soon in my blog, step by step….in 16 episodes.

First episode: 1 July 2016!

As my wife and I have travelled throughout Greece for many years, we invite you to share our wonderful experiences concerning Greek wine, it’s history and the people behind it all.


The planned content:


* Greece in general:

– a compact overview of 6000 years of (wine)culture

– a look at modern Greece

– contemporary Greek wine law

– general topography

– The Greek diet

– general links



Map of Greece

* 15 Greek wine-regions and their sub-regions including, per (sub)region;

– road & satellite maps by Google
– wine appellations
– altitude, climate & soil
– regional wine-roads
– tourist information
– interesting wine producers
– main grape varieties
– places of historical interest
– places of natural beauty
– culinary highlights
– personal experiences
– foto’s & video’s
– links