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Afianes Winery.

In September 2007, our modern winery has been established in Prophet Ilias, Raches. It is built in a vineyard at an altitude of 650m. In the cave site of the winery, there is the system of winemaking and bottling, aging  and storage facilities. Upstairs, there are our offices, the auditorium presentations and our showroom. An archaic little theater and a traditional building turned into wine shop is the special part of the whole picture of our winery. In all of our rooms, our guests have the opportunity to taste our wines and the happiness to enjoy them overlooking the Aegean Sea.


Wine is related closely with the ikarian civilization and in every form in our social lifes. There is a special exhibition place in our winery with a big collection of traditional items that were used the last 3 centuries and now the knowledge about these items is being lost with time. You can see Kerastari(an ancient house), a wedding dress from the 19th century , melokoubi (honey-saving jar) , the traditional pythari(the traditional way to make wine) and many other interesting goods.


Afianes Winery


Ancient grape varieties.


The Ikarian earth gave in this red variet fin characteristics. For the first time mentioned with this name, in the texts of a European traveler of the 15th century. From Fokiano we get a wine with great flavor, long aftertaste, but not so colored. The grape bunches aren`t dense but with medium sized berries. The yield per acre is less than 500kg and is cultivated in terraces throughout the island.
Among the variety of Fokiano we create the following wines:
1. Red aged for 12 months in oak barrels , Icarus 14,5%
2. Rose Icarus 13%
3. Naturally Sweet wine Tama 18%
4. Red Icarus 13%


The variety Begleri from the Syrian variety Begler. It has linked its existence with the island of Ikaria, since the last century its grown only there. Cultivated on terraces across the island and its returns reach the 500 t / ha. It’s a variety with a strong perfume and complex character(citrus aromas, with main aroma the kiwi, and other tropical fruits) with a typical acidity, accompanies wonderfully light meals, seafood, cheese and yellow fruits. Served cool.
The white wines from the variety Begleri are:
1. Begleri 12.6%
2. Icarus white 12.6%, which contains Begleri
and a 30% of Fokiano blance de noir

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