More info on Goumenissa, Central Macedonia.

The family Aidarini lives, operates and produces fine wines in Goumenissa from the late 19th century. Being a living part of the winemaking traditions of this beautiful area, the family business, headed by Christos Aidarinis has owned vineyards and maintains strong partnerships with winegrowers area Designation of Origin (PDO).
Aiming at continuous quality improvement of products, they created a new, well-equipped winery at the entrance of the town, where guests are welcomed for tours and tastings. Visitors are also invited to see the traditional picturesque cellar, which is a selling point and a major attraction. With more than 2,500 visitors a year, the family Aidarini carries a large percentage of its sales on the spot. The family keeps a low profile. Their first goal is to further improve in quality and not in quantity.  Recently they planted a new vineyard and started to vinify the old vines separately. Most of the wines are sold on the domestic market while exports to Germany, Holland, France and Cyprus are steadily growing..


Goumenissa is the main town of Kilkis built at the foot of Mount Paikos (1650 m), and was once an important trading center with main activities like viticulture and silkfarming. Ancient documents indicate that dry red wines of the region were famous and exportable from the 19th century. It now has 4200 residents while the true vineyard extends to approximately 4000 acres.

greek scarecrow

Goumenissa scarecrow, dancing rebetika…?

The viticultural zone of Goumenissas is one of the most beautiful vineyards in Greece. The particular dry red wines of the 19th century were famous beyond the borders of the country. Today’s vineyard (area 3,500 to 4,000 acres) lies on the eastern slopes of the mount Paikos and on hills with gentle slopes to the south of the town, at an altitude of 200-250 meters. The climate is continental with cold winters and dry summers, with the Vardaris (northwind) blowing all seasons. In this excellent microclimate grows the Xinomavro, the most famous and high quality red variety of northern Greece, along with Negkoska, another indigenous red grape. Also cultivated are the varieties Roditis, Assyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot to produce wines with Protected Geographical Indication.(PGI)

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logo graperoverThe Aidarini wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Aidarini Sauvignon blanc, PGI Macedonia. 87 points.

aidarinis11- 0696white grapeclip100% sauvignon blanc.

vmlRegional: Tirokafteri.  World: sushi, sashimi, crustaceans, shellfish, fish pastas, fishsoups, smoked fish, cream cheeses, chavignol!

logo graperoverClear light yellow. Medium + viscosity. Appealing ripe gooseberry on the nose, boiled haricots vert. Zippy and clean, somewhat tart on the palate, light herbs and spices. Full-bodied, elegant, lively acidity, round and rich, good minerality and quite lively, very delicate floral notes, elderberry, quite a good finish.




2011 Aidarini Rose, PGI Macedonia. 85 points. 

aidarinis11- 0711red grape clip100% xinomavro.

vmlRegional: Taltsenes. World: asian food, appetizers, fruit salads, ham salads, spicy chicken, prawns, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright dark pink. Medium viscosity. Lively and fresh on the nose, prominent vegetable notes harmonize well with red berry fruit and cherry. Typical vegetal notes again on the palate, compact, polished, fairly persistent, slightly tart herbaceous notes, delicate, piquant bitter note, integrated, polished acidity, hint of tannins and some mineral traces on a good finish.




2009 Aidarini Goumenissa, PDO Goumenissa. 86 points. 

aidarinis11- 0732red grape clip70% xinomavro, 30% negoska.

wine barrel12 months new/used French oak.

vmlRegional: Kokoretsi. World: lamb, kid, red meat, game, casseroles, grilled vegetables, matured hard cheeses.

logo graperoverDark ruby. Medium viscosity. Restless, slightly dissolute nose, herbaceous with some mixed berries in the background. Fairly cool style with elegant fruit, moderate spicy notes, fine, slightly astringent tannins, not particularly deep and not a lot of substance, mineral traces, attractive finish.



2008 Aidarini Merlot & Xinomavro, PGI Macedonia. 84 points. 

aidarinis11- 0712red grape clip50% merlot, 50% xinomavro.

wine barrel12 months new/used French oak.

vmlRegional: Roasted prime rib. World: lamb, kid, red meat, game, casseroles, grilled vegetables, matured hard cheeses.

logo graperoverVivid purple. Medium+ viscosity. Some aroma’s of black currant (cassis), plum, barnyard, and tobacco. Gentle flavor of cherry, plum, black currant (cassis), and garrigue. Voluminous body with a round texture. Nice lasting finale.



2008 Aidarini Single vineyard, PDO Goumenissa. 88 points. 

aidarinis11- 0730red grape clip70% xinomavro, 30% negoska.

wine barrel12 months new French oak.

vmlRegional: Slow roast goat. World: lamb, kid, red meat, game, casseroles, grilled vegetables, matured hard cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark ruby. Medium+ viscosity. Spicy nose, dried medicinal herbs and prominent majoram, dried berries and a hint of plums, some old oak. Fairly juicy preserved cranberry and plum fruit, very slightly medicinal, floral traces, more earthy notes and old oak, very slightly prominent tannins, shows its origin, fairly persistent and has some backbone, very good finish.