In our vineyards total area of ​​35 acres cultivated varieties AGIORGITIKO, SYRAH, CABERNET, MERLOT.

In recent years, the winery, wine and white wines of high quality varieties CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, ASSYRTIKO.


Christos Aivalis

The winery also works with contracted growers who follow the strict rules governing philosophy of the culture of the winery in order to produce high quality products in very low yields of 200-600 pounds per acre.

The winery, inspired by the philosophy of non-intensive agriculture, with zero fertilization and watering zero, so that the root system is deep in the ground looking for food and moisture.

During the winemaking wineries to choose each vineyard separately, so that we can give to the wine unique character of each area (terroir), putting every consumer to learn and to seek every area of wine in the wine area map .

The wines of the estate are not stabilized and not filtered, so as to hold the pure authenticity and character.

The wines of the winery are exported to Germany, Switzerland, Canada, the USA and Cyprus.

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