All about Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia.

The Greek – Swedish company “Ampelou Chora SA” was created in 2011 with the sole aim of creating high quality wines in limited production.

The choice of location in Chalkidiki, was not by chance.

This is a renowned wine-growing area with an emphasis on the cultivation of outstanding wine grape varieties and the production of excellent wines.


CEO Lena Kapsali

The area is characterized by its smoothly undulating and gradient landscape, with soil which ranges from sandy to clay with good drainage, extremely suitable for the cultivation of vines. In close vicinity to the Mediterranean Sea resulting in exposure to climate changes mitigated by the presence of water.

We vinificate the unique greek varieties Athiri, Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Muscat of Alexandria and the french Merlot from our patron vineyards and vines from cooperating winegrowers.

We produce white, rosé and red wine, Varietal and wines of Protected Geographical Indication.

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