All about Rafina, East Atttica.

Anastasia Fragou’s Winery was founded in 1986 in Mesogaia, the most important wine-producing area of Attica, where the versatility of “Savvatiano” plays the most significant role. This is where the love for wine and the passion for creation combine with tradition to transform a traditional grape mill into an ultra-modern vinification unit.

Anastasia Fragou’s Winery cultivates ten grape varieties, in vineyards situated at the most beneficial for this kind of cultivation.
It is a land encircled by the sea, and it is the water that moderates the extreme climate changes.
At the same time, it is also the sea that embraces this blessed land sending the life-giving winds to the vines.

Thus, the white wine varieties cultivated by the Fragou family are the famous “Savvatiano”, “Malagouzia”, “Asyrtiko” and “Roditis”.P5180405
The red wine varieties are the “Agiorgitiko”, “Merlot”,“Syrah”, “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Mantilaria” and “Grenache Rouge”. The vineyards, extending to approximately 25 hectares, are owned either by the family or by other producers who collaborate with them and are situated in Spata, Pikermi and Rafina.
In the market you can find 5 different wine labels from the winery, also available in packages suitable for business gifts.

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