All about Drossia, East Attica.

Angelos Noulas Winery is a small winemaking venture based in Athens, Greece and also the fulfillment of the owners dream.

Knowing that high achievements are possible only by choosing the right partners, we compose a team sharing the same vision.

Vision: Our aim is to bring to light depth, diversity and individuality of the Greek terroir and challenge the
international wine drinker’s standards.

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We select specific vineyard sites of extreme topographical interest that can express the diverse potential of each variety. Chardonnay is grown in mountainous highlands that mitigate heat and can express the weight of this versatile and climatic adaptable variety. Cabernet Sauvignon is selected from vineyards at lower altitudes that allow a slow and homogenous grape ripening at the desirable low alcohol level.

We opted for poor sandy soils with clay for Merlot and work intensively on canopy management to naturally balance fruit expression and concentration with the right acidity level.
We start experimenting with Greek indigenous varieties and apply winemaking techniques that will bring to light a diverse wine proposal of unbeatable value.

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