All about Kissamos, Crete.

The company.

In a small village of Kissamos named Anoskeli, birthplace of the Mamidakis family, an olive mill was built many years ago for the processing and exploitation of the olive oil produced by the family.

As time went by production grew, as did the extra virgin olive oil’s excellent reputation and the need for modernization of production led the family to construct a new, technologically advanced olive factory, as well as to make the decision to directly trade the extra virgin olive oil in the Greek and international markets under the ANOSKELI brand, thus honoring the family’s birthplace.

Gradually the company expanded into the cultivation and trading of Cretan wine, at first under the name of ANOSKELI and since 2011 the company disposes its white and red dry wines under the ANO PLAGIA brand in the Greek market. All vineyards are organic cultivations and are located in and around the village of Anoskeli. The varieties grown are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache, Asyrtiko, Vidiano and Vilana.

ANOSKELI Agricultural Company S.A. produces, packages and trades extra virgin olive oil, as well as organic extra virgin olive oil. Both of these products have a Kolymvari Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) indication. The company fully controls the whole process from the olive picking to the production of the end product. Cold extraction is used for the production of the olive oil. The company has an ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification. In March 2012, the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil received the Silver Medal at the 17th International BIOL competition in Citta di Andria in Italy.

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logo graperoverThe Anoskeli wines tasted by GrapeRover: 

2011 Anoskeli Ano Plagia white, PGI Crete. 87 points.

ano_leuko_750ml_750x750white grapeclip60% vilana, 30% vidiano, 10% assyrtiko.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Kohli Bourbouristi. World: sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, deepfried whitebait, grilled fish, veal, smoked ham, rich cheeses.

logo graperoverBright golden yellow. Medium+ viscosity. Zesty, crisp and fresh on the nose. Harmonious flavors of lemon, gooseberry, apricot and grapefruit. Good grip and structure. Nice lingering finish.


2010 Anoskeli Ano Plagia red, PGI Crete. 86 points.

ano_erithro_750ml_750x750red grape clip70% syrah, 15% grenache rouge, 15% cabernet sauvignon.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

wine barrel10 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Slow roasted leg-of-lamb. World: prime meat, casseroles, game, spicy pastas, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDark bright ruby. Medium+ viscosity. In the nose a symphony of ripe plum and dark berries, mingling well with some spices and mellow oak tones. On the palate a medium-rich array of likewise fruit, black pepper and matured tannins. Well structured with a firm body. Satisfying finish.