All about Magnesia, Thessaly.

In the small village of Krokio in the prefecture of Magnesia, situated 30 kilometers south-east of the city of Volos , in the great bay of Pagasitikos, the Apostolakis family vineyard continues the long standing tradition of growing the finest chosen varieties of the region.

The 10-acre vineyard is cultivated with use of certified biological methods in the absence of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and hosts the facilities of the modern family winery.

With great respect for traditional methods of wine-making, with the security generously provided by new modern technology and with loving care and gentle attitude for the grape, the Apostolakis Family creates four dry wines, one white, one rose, and two reds each with a unique personality and characteristics based on the fine selection of varieties, their harmonious matching and the special wine-making. All four wines, were created with traditional production methods and confidence in the richness of the Thessalian land and its grape growing and wine-making future.

The palette of the products closes with the famous tsipouro Apostolaki the best of the land.

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