All about Askos, Central Macedonia.

Domaine Arvanitidi created in 1999 by the agronomist Thanassis Arvanitidi and his brother George. Currently the area of owned vineyards has reached 50 acres, and there is the prospect of systematic expansion, the main incentive to meet production exclusively from private vineyards , so that the quality of the raw material is always controlled. production of wines of wine made ​​in the small, fully equipped building in the family orchard with fruit trees, trees, flowers, etc. on the edge of the bag. The building has separate vinification aging the wines in oak barrels and is open to visitors by prior arrangement

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Total area of 50 acres, at an altitude of 500-550 meters. Wider area of the pouch is characterized by clay soils conducive to viticulture. Specifically, for the installation of linear vineyard Wine Arvanitidi selected areas with balanced content of sand, clay and cavalry, ideal for limited plant growth. The climate is continental, characterized by strong temperature difference between day and night throughout the summer period. The orientation of the vineyard is south, ideal for sunshine and warmth of Greece, while in summer blowing in a breeze rising from the lake Koroneia, favorable for ripening. presence of wind also contribute to the reduced incidence of diseases and Maintaining good hygiene condition of the grapes, thereby successfully applied the principles of organic farming.

Organic farming is applied to the vineyard. Moreover, interventions in the vineyard, and indeed plant protection are always focused on the maintenance of biological equilibrium underground and above-ground sections, as well as consumer protection. Planting is quite dense, 340-400 plants per acre and as a subject used the 1103R. The varietal composition includes four French varieties: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah and an experimental part with Nebbiolo and Barbera. The new sections of the vineyard planted in 2009 and Malagouzia & Xinomavro will form the basis of subsequent wines of the estate .

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