giota Englisis

Mrs. Giota Englisis, principal.

Athenee Importers, established in 1975, is the largest importer and distributor of fine wine, spirits and beer from Greece and Cyprus in the United States. We believe that the future of Greek wines lie in the hands of the small producers. In the past 20 years, the Greek wine industry has undergone tremendous change. Initially, the Greek wine market was controlled by large wineries that produced wines for the mass market with very little attention paid to quality. As a result, Greek wines were not a strong presence in the marketplace and earned a bad reputation. As a result, the trade suffered greatly. In order to rectify the situation, industry leaders recognized the need for change. The next generation of Greek wines would lie in the hands of small producers who keep an eye to quality while closely guarding quantity.

As a result of Greece’s membership in the European Union (EU), money was available to revamp existing wineries and build new ones. EU funds coupled with private investment have lead to a silent yet dramatic change in the modern Greek wine market. Today, the majority of oenologists are trained at the finest schools around the world. After completing their training, they have returned to their homeland to implement their skills. These specialists have begun extensively working with the indigenous grape varieties to produce exciting new wines that reflect the new style of Greece.

Athenee’s mission is to represent producers that believe in the new philosophy of winemaking. We believe that wineries that are their owner’s passion produce the best products regardless of the number of bottles produced annually. In turn, many of the companies we represent do not produce wines on a large scale and can be hard to find. However, once found, these wines won’t disappoint.

The intention of our website is to educate and promote Greek wines in the United States. A majority of the products you see are distributed nationally. If you cannot locate a particular product in your area, please contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who can.

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