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Downtown Sydney offers a small Greek sanctuary: Restaurant Xanthi! This is the place where the rich aromas and flavors of Greece will welcome you….

Besides a very Greek, both innovating and classic, kitchen, Xanthi is also a sanctuary for Greek wines:

The winelist shows only an array of high quality Greek wines, rather surprising in a somewhat chauvenistic wine country like Australia…….


chef xanthi

Chef David Tsirikas

Here’s one “on the spot” review on the quality of the food:  The rustic stuffed calamari was plate-licking good! The sauce was strong, deep and full of flavours, yet it did not overpower the sweetness of the calamari and prawns. A hint of oriental spices gave the dish another level of taste.  The refreshing coleslaw on the side was beautiful!

David who loves exploring regional Greek food told us to look out for more regional dinners to come.  This is exactly our cup of tea, so we will definitely be coming back for more.  Actually, we already have one lined up: The Tastes of Alexander the Great!

Have a look here at the website of Xanthi.