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Avantis is the ancient name of Euboea originated by the name of its inhabitants. Avantes was the first prehistoric greek tribe that settles in Euboea, mainly around two towns – Chalkis and Eretria – in the eras between 2100 – 1900 B.C. According to a myth they were named after nymph Ava. They were warriors and had participated in the Trojan War under the command of Helephinor, their leader. In his epic poem ‘Iliad’ Homer refers to Avantes as follows :

“Brave Avantes inhabitants of Euboea coming from Chalkis, Eretria as well as grape producing Istiea and Kirinthos
by the sea and even high up from Dion, Karistos and Stira, all were commanded by Helephinor, fearless in battle, strong leader of theirs. Fast, long haired warriors carrying long spears, always willing to attack and beat
the enemy. Forty black ships were at sea, awaiting them.”


Apostolos Mountrichas.

Apostolos Mountrichas was born in Athens and grew up at Mytikas, Llilantium. He is an Economist, graduate of Department of Economics, University of Athens. However, he had always been interested in wine producing as it was his family’s tradition. So after university he studied Oenology at the ‘Greek Wine Academy’ taught by Dr Argyris Tsakiris  and at ‘Oenos Agapitos’ by Dr Dimitri Hatzinikolaou.

He is the man thanks to whom the wines produced have had such a success for 15 years. He is the ‘brains’ and the ‘soul’ of the estate. In 2006 he was a candidate for best Greek winemaker of the year. He is married to Oenologist Lenga Grigoriadou they have two children, and they both work hard to make their dream come true – the production of high quality wines and the revival of vineyards in Evia.

The vineyards of Avantis Estate expand on an area from central Euboea on the East, to Kriekouki on the West and Atalanti on the North. It is a big area with a variety of elements consisting the terroir. The soil range is clay – sand clay – gravel – stone, depending on the spot. The vineyards are at an altitude of 250 – 500 m. lying on flat places, semi-mountainous slopes or even steep mountainous ones.

The climate is mediterranean – cold winters, hot summers and long, dry autumns. During autumn and winter months cold air masses blow doan from mountain Dirphi, Parnassus and mount Kitheronas carrying dew which supplies the vineyards with important humidity. The long periods of sunshine help grapes ripen ideally in this part of central Greece. Our moto is ‘Quality rather than quantity’. The land under the management  of Avantis Estate  numbers 20 he.

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