All about Kozani, West Macedonia.

The Belides family has its own history in wine trading. With the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey in 1923 they came from Nichori of Constantinople bringing along the sacred family icons and some vines of the ‘Voulgariko’ variety. This variety constituted the basis upon which our vineyards as well as many other vineyards of the region of Kozani were founded. Our rosé wine is produced nowadays from those same vines based on tradition and the new wine making techniques.


Young vines.

We grow our 25 acre vineyards on the sunny mountain slopes of the Vathylakkos and Roditis area of Kozani situated near the artificial Polyfytos lake, at an altitude of 300-400 metres above sea level. The greater area of Vathylakkos is characterized by clay (argillaceous) soil with active calcium (lime) of over 25%; therefore the vine requires a 41b rootstock. Areas of balanced argil (clay) and calcium (lime) capacity were chosen specifically for the installation of the Belides family linear vineyard, which, combined with selected rootstocks produces wines which are balanced in aromas and flavours.

The climate is continental, and is characterized by intense temperature variations throughout the year. The vineyard’s orientation is from north to south so that the vines can be exposed to the sun during the entire day. That is also a way of removing illnesses from the vine. Furthermore, the rising breeze from the lake favours the ripening of the grapes. The presence of the wind also contributes to the vineyard’s reduced infestations.

To ensure the best quality of grapes as well as to maintain the tradition the organic cultivation of the entire vineyard has been chosen.  Plantation is very dense: 320-400 plants per 1000 m2. French varieties (Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Uni Blanc) can be found in our vineyard together with Greek ones (Rhoditis, Voulgariko, Moschomavro, Xynomavro, Malagouzia).

We have kept a section to experiment with new varieties that can be cultivated in the area.

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