logo graperoverGrapeRover visited more than 120 Greek wineries since 2012. Many of these wineries send samples to be reviewed and rated by the GrapeRover team.

According to this team, here’s the list of the 10 best Greek dry white wines (made from indigenous Greek grapes) we have reviewed up to now.


gaia-wines-400x7002010 Gaia Estate Assyrtiko Wild ferment, PDO Santorini. 92 points

Assyrtiko Wild Ferment Bottle shotwhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko. (yield 25 hl/ha.)

wine barrelDepending on fermentation development.

vmlRegional: Grilled lobster. World: spicy grilled chicken, lemon lamb, charcuterie, cured pork, smokey cheeses.

logo graperoverLight yellow-green. Medium- viscosity. Lively, expressive nose with grassy notes, citrus fruit and flinty minerality. Medium-bodied, invigorating with a nice oak/fruit/chalk combination and a high acidity. Medium long lemon/lime aftertaste. Excellent ageing potential. Needs aeration.

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logo-sigalas2010 Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko fume, PDO Santorini, 92 points.

15vareliwhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko. (50+ yrs. old vines.) organic.

wine barrel6 months on French oak with lees.

vmlRegional: Taramosalata. World: sushi, smoked fish, roasted fat fish, charcuterie, cured pork, strong cheeses.

logo graperoverGolden yellow/green. Medium viscosity. Slightly oak perfumed nose with crisp lemony notes. Discreet presence of wood on a citrus background and an elegant whole, with balance, thickness, good acidity and lengthy finish. Excellent value!

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logo-sigalas2011 Domaine Sigalas Santorini, PDO Santorini, 92 points.


16santoriniwhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko. (50+ yrs. old vines) organic.

vmlRegional: Lobster saganaki. World: sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, flounder, fat fish, veal, pork collop, rillettes, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBrilliant light straw-yellow. Medium viscosity. Elegant, crispy, zippy, lemon juice aromas,  Fine minerality mingles wonderfully with zesty citrus flavors, seamless harmony of rich fruit and acidity. Great, nervy flavour makes mouthfeel  outstanding and persistent. Superb quality for pleasant price.

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logo argyros2010 Argyros Estate oak fermented, PDO Santorini. 91 points.

argyros-barrelwhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko. (150 yrs. old vines)
 wine barrel6 months on French (500L.)oak.
vmlRegional: Roasted red snapper. World: Grilled fish, poultry, pork or veal, rich matured cheeses.
logo graperoverBright deep yellow. Medium ++ viscosity. Partly dried green apples and candied citrus fruit on the nose, herbaceous and nutty notes, spicy oak. More spicy oak on the palate, light yeasty notes, sweetish and creamy ripe fruit, candied nuts and herbaceous notes, persistent, full-bodied and has some depth, still youthful, very good finish.
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logo gavalas2010 Gavalas Niktiri, PDO Santorini. 91 points.


nikteri-500x500white grapeclip100% assyrtiko.

wine barrel6 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Lobster saganaki. World:  sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, grilled fish, fish salads, snails, grilled pork, cream-cheeses.

logo graperoverBright yellow-gold. Medium viscosity. First impression on the nose is the chalky fruitiness of  gooseberry and lime. Traces of kumquat, honey and inspiring petrichor. On the midpalate, tarty tones of crisp lemon, together with mild tannins. lovely silky texture and nice acidity. An alluring wine for even the spoiled winelover.

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gaia-wines-400x7002011 Gaia Estate Thalassitis Oak fermented, PDO Santorini. 91 points.

Thalassitis-2011white grapeclip100% assyrtiko.(75+ yrs old, yield 25 hl/ha).

wine barrel5-6 months fermented and matured on new French Nevers oak (80%) and acacia (20%).

vmlRegional: Roasted red snapper. World: spicy grilled chicken, lemon lamb, charcuterie, cured pork, smokey cheeses.

logo graperoverBright pale yellow. Medium viscosity. Aromas of fruits with smoky notes and citrus hints. Creamy apple fruit. In the mouth the wine is full bodied, dry and crisp with a long finish finishing with lime notes. Perfect value for money. A white wine that has great aging potential, it will further develop towards a complex wine under careful storage. Needs aeration.

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zacha logo 2011 Domaine Zacharioudakis Vidiano, PGI Herakleion, 91 points.

vidianowhite grapeclip100% vidiano, organic.

wine barrel4 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Crab Kritharotto (Κριθαρότο με Καβουρια)WorldCrab (salads/oven), coquille, deep fried prawns, cured ham (serrano), pheasant with sauerkraut, matured strong cheeses (munster).

logo graperoverBrilliant green yellow. Highly viscous. In the nose: up-front aromatic fruit like pineapple, lychee and mandarin. Mellow tones of vanilla/cedar/hay. Well structured, full flavors of lemon, melon and peach. Quite luscious, elegant body with a fine base of honey and vanilla. Intense, admirable finish. Awesome grape variety with a great future, I believe….

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logo gavalas2011 Gavalas Santorini, PDO Santorini. 90 points.

gavalas santoriniwhite grapeclip95% assyrtiko, 5% aidani.

vmlRegional: Grilled scallops. World: lobster!  sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, grilled fish, fish salads, snails, grilled pork, cream-cheeses.

Pale gold. Light viscosity. Tempting zesty aromas of  lemon, pineapple and grapefruit. Very pleasing minerality combining well with zippy flavors. Long finish, clean and zingy. Crafty.

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logo doulou2011 Douloufakis Dafnios, PGI Crete. 90 points.

dafnios-whitewhite grapeclip100% vidiano.

vmlRegional: Crab Kritharotto. World: sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, fish salads, charcuterie, fried fat fish, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright golden. Medium viscosity. Heaps of wonderful ripe peach, goosebery and citrus on the nose. Herbal and slightly buttery on the palate. Medium-bodied and rich with balancing acidity and a lovely combination of primary fruit and tertiary aromas. Good lingering finish. Fully mature. Great value! This (ancient Cretan) grapevariety was resurrected only recently. Surely with a great future ahead!


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Gerovassiliou.Viognier2010 Domaine Gerovassiliou Malagousia, PGI Epanomi, 90 points.

malagousia-en-thumbwhite grapeclip Malagousia

vmlRegional: Crispy Chicken. World: Asian food, garlic prawns, spicy chicken, sushi.

logo graperoverBright yellow. Good viscosity. Compact aroma’s of lemon, grapefruit, pear, mango, passion fruit, and of it’s lees. Tempting flavors of lemon, lime, peach, pear, lychee, and some vanilla. Volumptuous body. Mouthwatering, juicy texture. Tremendous finish. Thank’s Evangelos, for saving this variety!

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