All about Nemea, Peloponnese.


The winery Ktima Bizios was founded by Elia Bizios in 1998, following in the footsteps of his father, who started the family business 50 years ago, and in which he himself deals from a young man. His aim is the creation of superior wines of high quality.

Our efforts are aimed in the production of high quality wines while maintaining respect for the environment and its biodiversity. Using modern technology and tradition but also our experience, we make authentic wines that truly express the vineyards (terroir) from which they emanate.

Elias Bizios

Elias Bizios.

The privately-owned vineyards, the extent of which are 100 acres (10 hectares), are found in an altitude of 850m in the village of Asprokambos, in the highest point of the Appellation d’Origine de Qualite Superieure (AOQS) Nemea (OPAP). Asprokambos is a unique region in the appellation of Nemea. Due to its geographic placement and altitude it produces special wines with good aging potential, rich in aromas, phenolic components and acids.

The grapes are a product of organic viticulture from vineyards with low output per acre, as to achieve the best possible concentration of characteristics per variety.

The process of fermentation is carefully controlled and monitored. The new state of the art small capacity temperature controlled stainless steel vats allow separate vinifications per variety. The wine ages for at least 12 months in French and American oak barrels, in the underground cellar of the winery with the temperature and humidity strictly monitored. Afterwards the wine bottles are matured in the aging cellar improving the wine continuously.

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