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The winery is located outside Tripoli. It is one of the oldest organized wineries and its presence has been vital for the preservation and expansion of viticulture in the region. Its extension in recent years and constant modernization go hand in hand with the leading role the company holds in this zone and expresses clearly the company’s philosophy on quality.



original Cambas house.

The Boutari Winery is situated in the historical region of Mantinia. The relation of Mantinia to viticulture is as old as its history; this is confirmed by the archaeological findings in the region and by the “grapevine of Pafsanias”, possibly the oldest vine in the world. In this area the Boutari company established and expanded its presence in the region in 1991, through the legendary Cambas Winery that is now incorporated in the Boutari Group.


Similarly to other major viticultural zones, the contribution of the Boutari company in this region has also been of crucial importance. Boutari preserved from extinction one of the primary Greek white varieties, Moschofilero, which is used to produce the VQPRD Mantinia wine, thus highlighting its potential and made it known to the world.

At an altitude of 650 metres, we find the local Boutari vineyard, covering an area of 70 hectares. The larger part is covered by the indigenous variety Moschofilero. Other cultivated varieties are Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay and a few Greek and international varieties that are under experimentation. The vineyard is dry and 25-35 years old. A large area of the vineyard consists of eastern-facing gravel slopes , which ensures a good ripening and excellent quality of raw materials. The soils are clay and marl (clay loam), with good drainage. The climate of this region is characterized as continental with cold winters and hot summers.

At the same time, selected vineyards are also cultivated in an equally important VQPRD zone of the Peloponnese, Nemea. At the Petri and Klimenti areas, we find Agiorgitiko, the most noble of Greek red varieties. The Boutari company closely collaborates with local vine-growers with long-term contracts that ensure a control and a close relationship with the region and the production of exceptional, high-quality wines. In Douramani, there is a small privately-owned vineyard of 1.4 hectares, where experimental wines are produced in limited quantities.

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logo graperoverThe Boutari, Mantinia wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Boutari Lac des Roches, PGI Peloponnese. 82 points.

LAC-DES-ROCHESwhite grapeclip100% savvatiano.

vmlRegional: Feta & leek croquettes. World: appetizers, fish, poultry and all light meals.

logo graperoverPale yellow. Light viscosity. Clean nose of slight fruit notes: melon, apple and grapefruit.
Dry and lightbodied palate with refreshing acidity and only some – mainly grapefruity – fruit to go around. Slight almond and lemon zest bitterness in the mid-length aftertaste. A harmless quaffer.





2011 Boutari Moschofilero, PDO Mantinia. 88 points.

MOSCHOFILEROwhite grapeclip100% moschofilero.

vmlRegional: Shrimp boukies. World:Poultry, fish, meat and fruit dishes. Versatile, it blends well with almost any taste.

logo graperoverYellowish green. Medium viscosity. Excellent with a Greek garides sakanaki. Zippy and crisp white for summer. Lively freshness and vibrant acidity. Nose had lots of citrus and green fruit, and white florals. Not intensely complex, but other fruit shows up on palate, some pear/tree fruit flavors. Loved this for its acidity and balance.






2011 Boutari Four Epoches, PGI Arkadia. 86 points.

4seasonswhite grapeclip50% moschofilero, 50% chardonnay.

wine barrel4 months French oak (chardonnay).

vmlRegional: Gavros saganaki. World: Seafood dishes, fish, poultry and fruit platters

logo graperoverGolden yellow. Medium viscosity. Intense, complex aroma of citrus fruit, vanilla and fine wood. Rich, fatty, balanced, with a rich structure, and a strong aroma of butter and roasted nuts. Long-lasting aromatic aftertaste. The intense, fruity aromas of the Moschofilero variety meet the sturdy (for a white) character of Chardonnay, resulting in an ideal blend, with no angles, that is perfectly balanced.




2008 Boutari Agiorgitiko, PDO Nemea. 86 points.

AGIORGITIKOred grape clip100% agiorgitiko.

wine barrel12 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Pork sofrito. World: lamb chops, moussaka, lasagna, spicy stews, spicy sausages, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep ruby. Medium viscosity. Red ripe fruit aromas, like cherries, plum and the sweet notes of vanilla and cocoa. Rich and firm, well-structured, balanced, with a velvety, slightly herbal aftertaste.





2007 Boutari Ode, PGI Korinthe. 88 points.

ODEred grape clip50% agiorgitiko, 50% cabernet sauvignon.

1wine barrel8 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Anogeia Lamb. World: game, spicy casseroles, meat stews, kokoretsi, hard matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark red. Medium/dense viscosity.  Needs 30 minutes decanting. Rich welcoming aromas of ripe red fruit like plum, black currant and blackberry, which co-exist harmoniously with aromas of ageing, dominated by pepper and vanilla; and all embraced by the subtle and fine aroma of oak barrels. Mild palate, filled with an intense, aromatic, lasting finish. Its character continues to evolve further through ageing in the bottle.




2009 Boutari Ilida, PGI Arkadia. 89 points.

ILIDAwhite grapeclip50% gewurztraminer, 40% chardonnay, 10% moschofilero.

wine barrel4-5 months on French oak. (gewurztraminer & chardonnay)

vmlRegional: Scorpion fish with clams. World: grilled fat fish, cured pork, charcuterie, veal or duck liver, blue vein cheeses.

logo graperoverIntense golden-yellow. Medium/dense viscosity. Complex bouquet combining exotic fruit, melon, orange peel and honey, with aromas of barrel, vanilla and nuts.  Strong aromatic palate, voluptuous, well structured, balanced and with a strong full body up to the finish. Good lasting finish. Charming!