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Dionysia Brintzikis


to Brintziki Winery, a boutique winery with autonomous energy and modern equipment for the production of wine of the highest quality. The stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control and recording of information processing throughout the course of time, pneumatic presses synchronous type, the oak casks of French origin and use gravity to transport wine and grape respect and highlight the characteristics of native varieties grown in our region from the depths of time.

Indigenous varieties that thrive are Rodites the Tinaktorogos,, iMalagouzia, Fileri, Assyrtiko (white) and Avgoustiatis the Agiorgitiko (red varieties). Also cultured and cosmopolitan varieties Chardonnay, Merlot, Caperne, Refoscoparagontas wines with bold features of terroir.

Domaine Brintziki cultivates vineyards owned 120 acres applying faithfully and with love of the principles of organic agriculture for many years planted with local varieties of Greek. Also purchased grapes from other excellent local producers.


brintziki cave

Brintzikis cellar

The Avgoustiatis belongs to a group of very rare Greek varieties, grown in small size, few producers, but with remarkably high quality results. It is a red wine variety, which gives mostly red dry wines, leading the exploration of the world’s vineyard at the edges.

The Avgoustiatis gives wines with deep, vivid, dark red color and intense aromas of ripe red fruit and Mediterranean herbs. These wines are usually aged in oak and round in the mouth, medium-bodied, fine-grained tannins and moderate to high alcohol.

The Avgoustiatis variety that is found in very specific locations, mainly in the western part of the Peloponnese, where an increase of new cultivated land with it. However, the region has some old vineyards with Avgoustiatis that local producers find real treasures. Given the rarity of this variety, the varietal bottlings are scarce and some winemakers blend the Avgoustiatis with other international or indigenous, red varieties such as mavrodafni.

Choosing a bottle Avgoustiatis characterizes a connoisseur of wine on an international scale and in depth, but it has also in the mood to discover new paths, filled challenges. His style Avgoustiatis refers to people who enjoy the soft, ripe but not heavy dry red wines. The wines from Avgoustiatis may well be combined with grilled meat and yellow cheese. Due to the velvety structure, delight from the moment of movement, while there are complex when aged for four to six years in bottle.

Great is the utilization of geothermal energy. Called an energy and thermal energy from within the earth. Geothermal cover needs cooling and heating of tanks and spaces of the winery.

The unit of photovoltaics on the roof ensures the current needs of the winery and determine the ecological and to all environmentally friendly operation.

Cultivation of vineyards with Greek local varieties of organically certified since 1993.



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logo graperoverThe Brintzikis wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Brintzikis Enipeas white, PGI Pisatis. 84 points.

ktima_brintziki_enipeas_2012white grapeclip80% roditis, 20% assyrtiko.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Grilled shrimp/Manouri salad. World: crustaceans, shellfish, sushi, sashimi, squid, fried fish, creamy cheeses.

Bright light yellow. Light viscosity. Fairly cool nose, citrus and pomaceous fruit, fresh herbs and spices. Clear, straightforward style, delicate fruit on the palate, more herbs and spices, mineral traces, elegant acidity, well balanced, attractive finish.




2011 Brintzikis Tinaktorogos, Table wine. 87 points.

Tinaktorogos2012-200x500white grapeclip100% tinaktorogos. (very rare, no info yet)

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Pork souvlaki & tzatziki. World: spicy chicken, smoked cheeses, charcuterie, grilled pork.

Light straw coloured, slight rose tinge. Medium viscosity. Ripe pears, citrus fruit & blossom and herbs (chamomile & ironwort/mountain tea). Palate less sweet than you expect from what the nose suggests. Medium body. Pears with a citrusy midpalate and mouthwatering acidity. Lovely & should get better with time as the vines age.



2010 Brintzikis Melios white, PGI Ilias. 84 points.

etiketameliosroditis.el_49c85b4709587378521988e8c83e36bdwhite grapeclip100% roditis.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Scorpion fish. World:crustaceans, shellfish, sushi, sashimi, squid, fried fish, creamy cheeses.

Bright pale yellow. Medium viscosity. Cool nose with elegant herbaceous notes, melon, delicate tart spice. Fairly tranquil on the palate, soft with some more delicate tart spice, hint of oak, moderate, very elegant acidity, well balanced, again slightly oaky on an attractive finish.


2008 Brintzikis Avgoustiatis, PGI Ilias. 86 points.

Brintzikis-Ktima-Brintzikisred grape clip100% avgoustiatis.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

wine barrel14 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Rib-eye & mavrodaphne. World: Lamb & kid, game, grilled prime meat, veal liver, matured hard cheeses.

Deep dark ruby. Medium+ viscosity. Mature nose with burnt and animal notes, dried berries, plums, undergrowth, spices and old oak. Slightly dumb notes of old oak on the palate, cedar and undergrowth, ripe berries and plums, dried herbs, medium tannins, quite dominated by oak, earthy with light astringent notes, delicate bitter notes on an attractive to good finish.