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Chrisostomou Winery, Pieria, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Pieria, Central Macedonia..   The vineyard of the Chrisostomou family is located in Pydna (Kitros) of the Pieria regional unit, a place which has tradition in the agriculture of vineyards and the wine production. Since 1925, immigrants from the eastern Rumelia (North Thrace) settled the village, bringing with them their love for the […]

Claudia Papayianni Domaine, Chalkidiki, Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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More on Arnea, Chalkidiki. Roots. “My father descends from the mountainous part of Arnea. I have always been enchanted by this place – by its nature, traditions, architecture and life.   In 2003, when I first started setting up the vineyards and Winery, there was only one thought on my mind: “I am going back to […]

Dalamaras Winery, Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia. Since 1840, the Dalamaras family has been involved in wine making and distillation. The spirit and tradition of a proud heritage have been passed down to the fifth generation of Dalamara family who show the same dedication to the values that governed the founder. Region Naoussa AOC(Appellation Origin Control). Naoussa is […]

Diamantakos Domaine, Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia. Domaine Diamantakos is located in the PDO Naoussa area. It is essentially a family firm and the produced wine is a product of the love we have for vinery and wine. We are the third generation of winemakers, counting more than ten years of bottling labeled products. Our mission is […]

Foundi Domaine, Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
Foundi dom.

All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia. The Foundis family originated from the village of Strantza in eastern Thrace, which they fled during the upheavals of the second Balkan War. In 1914, along with other refugees from their village, they arrived in the Naoussa area of western Macedonia, and established the settlement of Nea Strantza. George Foundis […]

Gazoritis Winery, Serres, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Serres, Central Macedonia.   The «BOULIOU BROS. – CHR. THOLOULLIS» – «WINERY GAZORITIS» company achieved legal status in 2006 with its home in Gazoro Serres and housed in a refurbished building of warehouses next to the Gazoro train station. The «Gazoritis» winery has been a result of the passion for quality wine, of […]

Gerovassiliou Domaine, Epanomi, Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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For general info: .Epanomi, Thessaloniki. Vision At Domaine Gerovassiliou the vineyard is cultivated with great care and enthusiasm that leads V. Gerovassiliou to constantly research and experiment with Greek and foreign varieties, both well and less known ones. New technological advances blend well with tradition throughout vine growing and vinification processes.The aim is to produce […]

Kamara Kioutsoukis Estate, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia. The company Kamara Winery SA under the name Kamara Kioutsoukis Estate was founded in 2009.It  is a family business, with all family members participating actively. What led to the foundation was our love for quality Greek wine.Our personal goal is to offer a quality product to those who taste our […]

Karydas Domaine, Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia. Domaine Karydas is located in Ano Gastra, one of the most well-known vineyards in Naoussa, at an altitude of 205 metres. The vineyard covers an area of 2.6 hectares, is located on a slope and was planted in 1980. In 1994, a fully-equipped winery was built in the middle of the […]

Kechri, Thessaloniki, Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
kechri winery

All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia. History Kechris winery is one of the most traditional family wineries of Northern Greece. It all began in 1911, when Evangelos Kechris bottled wine, introducing to the Greek market glass bottles, imported from the USA. In 1954 the company gets its recent form, as a modern winery-distillery under the name […]