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Avantis Estate, Chalcis, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Chalcis, Evia. Avantis is the ancient name of Euboea originated by the name of its inhabitants. Avantes was the first prehistoric greek tribe that settles in Euboea, mainly around two towns – Chalkis and Eretria – in the eras between 2100 – 1900 B.C. According to a myth they were named after nymph Ava. They were warriors and had participated in […]

Koutsogiorgakis Winery, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Evia. We love our local regions and we prove this by naming our wines after traditional names of Nothern Evia. We respect our tradition and we cultivate old traditional wine varieties like Vradiano, Kartioti, and local Asproudes that we revived after meticulous and long lasting effort We believe in quality with our best […]

Lykos Wines, Eretria, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Eretria, Evia. Apostolis and Nana Lykos welcome you to their winery in Malakondas on the Greek island  of Evia. Here, our passion for wine is combined with a 40-year culinary tradition, which we inherited from our forefathers and continue to honor, while respecting the natural environment and safeguarding it for future generations.         The story of the Lykos […]

Malamatina, Chalkis, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Chalkis, Evia. The Retsina Malamatina is produced exclusively from Greek varieties of grapes and Savatiano Rhoditis. The winemaking is done by the method of white wine [;] temperature controlled by selecting only the “foam” the must (the prorrogo) thereby achieving the characteristics color, aroma, flavor, and quality. Quality retsina Malamatina ensure the well-to-date facilities of wineries […]

Mitzifiris Vineyard, Chalkis, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Chalkis, Evia. The attempt for the realization of this venture was an idea instilled in me since my childhood. This is because my family’s association with the vineyards and the wine started through amateur actions initiated by my grandfather. Thus, with the passing of all these years, the vision of a piece of […]

Montofoli Estate, Karystos, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Karystos, Evia. Montofoli Estate is a remarkable landmark of South Evia. Franks, Ottomans and Kings have given this piece of land its exceptional energy; The estate is located in the Ancient Town of Karistos, Southern Evia. Since the Frankish Domination it was owned by the ruler of the Castello Rosso (the caste of the area), […]

Sabanis Estate, Chalkis, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Chalkis, Evia. In 1980 Tasos Sampanis, a Mechanical Engineer, and his wife Elli, created in Ritsona, Avlida, their own winery, wishing to make good use of their vineyards and continue the family’s tradition in winemaking. Their state-of-the-art winery, situated in the heart of the winemaking zone of Agios Ioannis, Avlida, is 15 km […]

Tzivani Bio Wines, Vathy, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Vathy, Evia. The contact of our family with the cultivation and vinification of the most chosen varieties of grapes began in 1982. Loving good wine, we planted in our Organic vineyards, various varieties of grapes like the autochthonous Agiorgitiko, Athiri, Malagouzia, Moschofilero, Roditis, and the International well known Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, […]

Vrinioti Wines, Edipsos, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Evia. VRINIOTI family winery was established in 2002 but our relation with wine products goes back to when Konstantinos Vrinioti’s ancestors started planting vines in the area and built an old traditional stone winery. The construction of our modern facilities started in 2007 and was completed in the summer of 2008. The expertise […]

Zarogika Estate, Ritsona, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Ritsona, Evia. Using modern methods and equipment but also traditional ways where necessary, we create “Savatiano”, “Roditis”, “Assyrtiko”, “Chardonnay”, “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Syrah” and “Grenache Rouge”. After a rigorous selection of grapes, which come from our vines that combine the suitable ecosystem with farming methods aiming at quality production, we create a limited number […]