Ionian Islands wineries.

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Please click on a letter on the ABC-bar to find your winery on the Ionion Islands. Example: C gives Coumoutos, T gives Theotoky Estate.
Winery titles like “Domaine”, “Estate”, “Chateau”, “Winery: or “Ktima” always appear after the Main name.

Siflogo Winery, Lefkas, Ionion Islands.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Lefkas, Ionion Islands. The wine production and bottling workshop of Lefkas Local Wine – a small cottage industry – was founded in 1994 by Dionysis and Maria Papanikolopoulos in Platistoma, a small mountainous village in Lefkas. The viniculture and wine production was the main business of the family many generations ago. Nowadays, a limited number of bottles of pure wine constitute […]

Theotoky Estate, Corfu, Ionion Islands.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Corfu, Ionion Islands.   Welcome to the website of the famous Theotoky Estate situated in the beautiful fertile Ropa Valley sheltered by mountains below which grow the fragrant pine forests, ancient olive groves and verdant vineyards. The 300 acre Estate is famed for its fine wines, organic extra virgin olive oil and mouth-watering […]