Mount Athos wineries.

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Winery titles like “Domaine”, “Estate”, “Chateau”, “Winery” or “Ktima” always appear after the Main name.

Kremlin is sipping Mount Athos wines.

by Cornelius Wesseling

  na zda-rov’-ye (please click for pronounciation) The wine served to official guests in Moscow Kremlin, Russia, who are usually leaders of foreign states, is made in the vineyards of Mount Athos. Its name is Kormilitsa and bears the title of Kremlin’s Official Wine. The Russian host does not only serve the wine, but often offers […]

Mylopotamos wines, Mount Athos.

by Cornelius Wesseling

more on Mt. Athos Mylopotamos is the largest dependency of the Holy Monastery of Great Lavras. The tower and temple, in the name of Saint Megalomartira Evstathiou, were built by Saint Athanasios of Athoniti some time before 973 A.D. Saint Athanasios, like the wise and far-sighted man he was, also cleared the surrounding area and planted […]

Tsantali, Mount Athos.

by Cornelius Wesseling

More on Mount Athos.   Mount Athos history. According to mythology Giant Athos hurled angry one massive rock against Poseidon. The rock but reached the eastern edge of the biped then Halkidiki. Thus was created the third leg. The peninsula was named Giant. The history of Mount Athos, which starts from the myth of the giant Athos, is […]