South Aegean wineries.

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Winery titles like “Domaine”, “Estate”, “Chateau”, “Winery” or “Ktima” always appear after the Main name.

Argyros Estate, Santorini.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Santorini. Estate Argyros was established in 1903 by Georgios Argyros, in a 5 acres vineyard located in Episkopi Gonia Thiras (Santorini). Georgios Argyros made his wines according to the traditional Santorinian way, in order to take advantage of the grapes produced by his own vineyard. The wines produced were sold mainly in the […]

Art Space winery, Santorini, South Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling
artspace feat

All about Santorini. The old, pre-industrial winery of 1861 closed its doors in 1952, when its third owner, Nikolaos A. Argyros, founded the Union of Cooperatives for Products of Thira and the biggest winery on the island, now known as SantoWines. In 1999, his son, Antonis N. Argyros, brings it back to life and founds […]

Boutari Santorini, South Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Santorini. The Boutari Winery, with its distinctive white dome, first operated in 1989, and has played a leading role in the viticultural development of the island. Open to the public, it offers its visitors a complete guided tour. The Boutari Winery is filled with the magical aura of the island of Santorini and […]

CAIR, Rhodos, South Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Rhodos, South Aegean.   CAIR SA was founded in 1928 and till today is one of the largest wineries in Greece. It is a historical fact that the isle of Rhodes was one of the most important wine production and trade areas in the ancient world. The thousands of Rhodian amphorae all of […]

Canava Roussos, Santorini, South Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Santorini. Historical background: Canava Roussos at a glance Canava Roussos, the oldest on Santorini, was founded in 1836 to produce high quality wines uniquely expressing the characters of the numerous varieties of Thiran grapes. Decades of experience have passed from generation to generation so that, with consistency, continuity and absolute respect, expression is given […]

Gai’a Estate, Santorini.

by Cornelius Wesseling

more on Santorini. We own two modern wineries that are located in two of the most interesting and promising P.D.O. areas of Greece, Nemea in Peloponnese and Santorini. Gaia’s main aim is to present the potential of the indigenous Greek grape varieties in the wine enthusiasts worldwide. Our company first emerged in the market in […]

Gavalas Winery, Santorini.

by Cornelius Wesseling

more on Santorini.   The Gavalas family has been exclusively engaged in the vinification of the indigenous varieties grown in Santorini, since the end of the 19th century. Up until the 1920’s the family produced wines from grapes grown in their privately-owned vineyards and vinified them in their winery (canava) in Megalochori. This production was […]

Greek Islands wine: Part 1. South Aegean

by Cornelius Wesseling
Cyclades (1)

Contrary to all the misfortune Greece is undergoing, here is some positive news about one of it’s “lesser known” products: Greek Wine from the Islands. As part of a series of winetravels in Greece we start with Part 1. South Aegean. Wine & food journalist Cornelius Wesseling reports on his last winejourney to the Greek […]

Hatzidakis Winery, Santorini, South Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Santorini. Hatzidakis Winery was founded in 1997 by Haridimos and Konstantina Hatzidakis. Konstantina’s family owns vineyards in the village of Pyrgos Kallistis, on the road that leads to the monastery of Prophet Ilias. The land had not been cultivated since 1956, when the earthquake on Santorini forced her parents to leave the island. […]

Hatziemmanouil Winery, Kos, South Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling

The island of Kos is well known for being the land of Hippocrates and medicine (and of course a popular holiday destination for those wanting sun, sea and sand).   However, what many of the visitors to this beautiful Greek island do not realise  is that it is also famous for it’s local products too. Take for instance  it’s fine […]