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Greek Wine & Travel guide.

by Cornelius Wesseling

A tourist guide for wine-lovers…. To be presented soon in my blog, step by step….in 16 episodes. First episode: 1 July 2016! As my wife and I have travelled throughout Greece for many years, we invite you to share our wonderful experiences concerning Greek wine, it’s history and the people behind it all.   The […]

Greece, Athens, Funky Gourmet.

by Cornelius Wesseling
funky-gourmet feat

(Courtesy “The Fine Dining”) The first starred restaurant we had the honour to try on our trip to Greece was The Funky Gourmet. This restaurant is one of its kind, specialized in molecular cuisine. It is not only the taste, but also smells, colors, the food textures and sounds that make each dish unique. If you […]

Retsina: Sushi’s best friend!

by Cornelius Wesseling

Sushi with retsina A imaginable at first sight, the combination of the “Greek national wine” our popular flavors of Japanese cuisine, we were pleasantly surprised. The idea of a delicious sushi game harmony with Retsina was the sommelier Maria Katsoulis; through repeated for a year at each team meeting. Finally … Tuck. We ordered sushi at Nori ( , tel […]

Greece, Athens, Brettos.

by Cornelius Wesseling

The unsuspected visitor of the historic center of Athens cannot miss the hundreds of colorful bottles and lights that decorate the walls of “Brettos”.  “BRETTOS” is the oldest distillery in Athens. It started operating for the first time back in 1909 at the ground level of an Athenian old mansion in the heart of Plaka. […]

Good news! Athens wine bars!

by Cornelius Wesseling
athens wine

Athens’ new-school wine bars Greece is not known for its wines, but a new crop of wine bars in Athens offers locals and tourists the chance to sample some excellent homegrown varieties At Heteroclito wine bar in Athens, all of the wines served by the glass are Greek The economic crisis that has plagued Greece for the […]

Australia, Brisbane, Hellenika Eatery.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Here’s an example of how an “off-beat” Greek restaurant on the Gold Coast thrives! Please see HERE their great wine list of Greek & International wines. The Team: Simon Gloftis – Owner “When people come in to my restaurant I believe they are putting their health and well being into my hands.  This is a […]

Greek wine categories

by Cornelius Wesseling

[[] Wine categories The four basic distinctive categories are: PDO Wines: Wines that bear the designation Protected Designation of Origin. This wine category comprises of Greek wines bearing a Designation of Origin (VQPRD), in other words, all  AOQS and AOC wines. Please see HERE all about the Greek PDO wine regions. . . . . PGI Wines: Wines that bear the designation Protected Geographical Indication. This wine category comprises all Regional Wines and […]

Vineria 36, Chania, Crete.

by Cornelius Wesseling
vineria 36

A heaven for lovers of Greek wine & food is Winebar/Restaurant Vineria 36 in Chania. Here one will find one of the largest collections of wines, mainly Greek, but also “foreign” quality wines. Winebar/restaurant The Vineria 36 was created in the summer of 2008 in order to enhance the wine tasting in practice, offering magical wines […]

Australia, Sydney, Rest. Xanthi.

by Cornelius Wesseling

  Downtown Sydney offers a small Greek sanctuary: Restaurant Xanthi! This is the place where the rich aromas and flavors of Greece will welcome you…. Besides a very Greek, both innovating and classic, kitchen, Xanthi is also a sanctuary for Greek wines: The winelist shows only an array of high quality Greek wines, rather surprising […]