Wineries in Greece.

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Achaia Clauss, Patras, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All info on Patras, Peloponnese. 1854. Bavarian Gustav Clauss, captivated by the cultural refinement of the Achaean capital and the lively tastes of its vineyards, decides to establish the first wine estate in Hellas. He builds a homestead settlement, complete with cathedral towers in the form of belfries, thus enabling an entire village to live, work […]

Adam Wines, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia. By implementing the principals of organic farming, aiming at low yields and applying the appropriate winemaking techniques suitable to each variety, we produce wines featuring a sense of handmade craftsmanship, appealing and accessible to any wine lover. Committed to producing a superior product and remaining faithful to our principals, our […]

Afianes Wines, Ikaria, North Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling

More info on Ikaria, North Aegean. Afianes Winery. In September 2007, our modern winery has been established in Prophet Ilias, Raches. It is built in a vineyard at an altitude of 650m. In the cave site of the winery, there is the system of winemaking and bottling, aging  and storage facilities. Upstairs, there are our offices, the auditorium presentations […]

Aidarini winery, Goumenissa, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

More info on Goumenissa, Central Macedonia. The family Aidarini lives, operates and produces fine wines in Goumenissa from the late 19th century. Being a living part of the winemaking traditions of this beautiful area, the family business, headed by Christos Aidarinis has owned vineyards and maintains strong partnerships with winegrowers area Designation of Origin (PDO). Aiming at continuous quality improvement of […]

Aivalis Winery, Nemea, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

In our vineyards total area of ​​35 acres cultivated varieties AGIORGITIKO, SYRAH, CABERNET, MERLOT. In recent years, the winery, wine and white wines of high quality varieties CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, ASSYRTIKO. The winery also works with contracted growers who follow the strict rules governing philosophy of the culture of the winery in order to produce […]

Akrothea Winery, Kilkis, Central Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Kilkis, Central Macedonia. During the past 20 years, at an altitude of 300m we founded the winery and homestead out of love for nature. With a lot of personal work, the homestead has become our permanent dwelling. Surrounded by organically cultivated vineyards and forests and orchards, as well as a variety of animals […]

Alexakis, Herakleion, Crete.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Herakleion, Crete. Alexakis –a family-owned-and-run winery– is the largest winery on the island of Crete. The company is managed by enologist-chemical engineer Stelios Alexakis (founder of the business in the 70’s), Sofia, his wife, and their sons, Lazaros and Apostolos. Both Lazaros and Apostolos are enologists, with degrees from the Universities of  Florence, Italy […]

Allagiannis Winery, Markopoulo, East Attica.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Markopoulo, East Attica. A stone’s throw from the vineyards and an area of ​​7,000 sqm, vinified under the most modern methods and latest technology high quality wines in controlled amounts. The winery that combines stainless steel equipment with wood paneling, also has a retail store in functionally designed space – exhibition of museum […]

Alpha Estate, Amyndeon, West Macedonia

by Cornelius Wesseling

More info on Amyndeon, West Macedonia. Alpha Estate Alpha (= α ) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The choice of this name came from the initial letter of Amyndeon, the geographical location of the estate’s vineyards and additionally declares a quality term in the Greek argo. Alpha represents the “new beginning”, the […]

Ambelonas, Corfu, Ionion Islands.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Wine, Gastronomy & Culture. Ambelonas Corfu is a multi-purpose establishment within a vineyard at the heart of Corfu island. Estate History. The first we know of the property is that it was acquired by our ancestors in 1600 when they emigrated from Venice to Corfu. Part of it was an olive grove and part a […]