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The vineyard of the Chrisostomou family is located in Pydna (Kitros) of the Pieria regional unit, a place which has tradition in the agriculture of vineyards and the wine production. Since 1925, immigrants from the eastern Rumelia (North Thrace) settled the village, bringing with them their love for the vineyard and the wine which had played a very important role in their lives in their previous residence. So, in their new residence every family made their own vineyard and their own wine. Today, from the first small vineyard that was grown from the grandfather of the family George Chrisostomou, the Chrisostomou family has managed to grow 110 acres of foreign and Greek grape varieties.


Family at work.

The varieties that are produced are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Limnionas and Xinomavro from red grapes and Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Malagouzia and Asirtiko from white grapes. They are cultivated in sloping sandy and clay soils and on small mounds so that they can be benefited from the sea breeze. In this area, which is surrounded by Mount Olympus in the North , the Pierian mountains in the West and the sea in the East, an ideal climate is created with mild winters and cool summers and very few rainfalls (the location was selected and the salt marshes were created). The vineyards are cultivated strictly by the rules of the agricultural practice and grapes up to 800 kg per acre (2,5 kg per vine) are grown.

The winery is located in the area of Pidna (Kitros) of Pieria and near the church of prophet Elias. Its premises were built in 2009 and their capacity of processing is 80 tones of grapes. It includes a well equipped place with modern machinery and stainless tanks for pre-fermentation cold soak treatment , tanks for the fermentation and stabilization of the wine and a controlled system of freezing to optimize the fragrance of the raw materials as well as possible. It also includes a place for the wine bottling which is done with semiautomatic bottling machines. There is also a cellar in the basement where there are dozens of french barrels of oak for the maturation of the red wines and the fermentation of some white and rose wines.

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