All about Zakynthos, Ionion Islands.

Serving our tradition of innovation and quality since 1638, we grow traditional Zante products in our family vineyard and olive orchard at Agria Comoutos

This family occupation, with consistency, enthousiasm and assiduity in traditional technique for 4 centuries, gives us the right to be considered the older Greek wine factory.

The cultivation of the vineyard can be traced back to the year 1638 and until now, the cultivation of this specific land is the favorite occupation of the Comoutos family.

The excellent climatic conditions prevailing over the island as well as the particular echosystem characterising the area in Agria, have greatly contributed to the exceptional quality of the wines being produced for centuries now.

Lately, we started Original Biological Cultivation.


Comoutos family.

Today, in the updated and modern wine presses of the land, which N. Comoutos has dreamed of, we are producing the following wines. The traditionalVerdea, a strong untamed and unique Greek White dry wine, our Red wine with the bright colour and its discreet taste as well as a Rose wine which is a combination of 8 different grape varieties.

The Classical Verdea as well as the Red Comoutos wine are kept for a ten (10) month period in oak barells and then in a recumbent manner in the bottle for one further year till they finally show their famous bouquet.

The 8 varieties of grapes are selectively native wine-grapes presenting entirely Greek characteristics and tastes, which, we have been trying to preserve intact and authentic during the centuries.

In the modern winery is produced, the traditional wine of Zante, Verdea Comoutos, a strongly tasted and unique white wine, made by the varieties:
1. Skiadopoulo, 2. Goustoulidi, 3. Pavlos, 4. Robola, 5. Areti, the only white in Greece which can be aged for up to 50 years.

The Rouge Comoutos, a full of aroma wine and the disceet Rose Comoutos are a result of a mixture of: 6. Avgoustiati, 7. Katsakoulia, 8. Skylopnihti, all varieties of traditional wines of Zante.

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