All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

Since 1840, the Dalamaras family has been involved in wine making and distillation. The spirit and tradition of a proud heritage have been passed down to the fifth generation of Dalamara family who show the same dedication to the values that governed the founder.

Naoussa AOC(Appellation Origin Control). Naoussa is in northern Greece best-known wine producing region. In 1987 on the initiative of the International Bureau of Vine and Wine, was proclaimed International Town of Vine and Wine.

The vineyards Dalamara are located on the eastern foot hills of mount Vermion in a traditional vineyard area called Paliokalias at an altitude of 250-300 m. The climate of this area features warm with dry summers and mild winters. For most of the day are exposed to the full benefit of the sun.

The Dalamara’s winery is located in the outskirts of Naoussa (1st km) .It is open to visitors to come and sample their wines and learn the history of Naoussean wine making through our forefathers traditional facilities.

The visitors are welcomed at the garden with the view of the vineyards (a model of organic viniculture) where a local drink, called Tsipouro, can be served as well with olives from the domain.


Dalamaras vineyard.

After a briefing on the history of Dalamara’s family the visitors are directed to the winery, where they get familiar with the way wine is made. The route includes the wine-making tanks, the bottling area and the ageing wine-vault. From the winery they are led to the wine-tasting hall (a traditional distillery ) where they will be able to become knowledgeable about the art of wine-tasting, to see a museum with the traditional family tools used for cultivating vine and making wine.

In this way they will get familiar with the traditional way, yet at the same time they will get familiar with the modern way, as well, of viniculture and wine-making. There they will be able to taste the wines with accompanying local snacks and delicious dishes. For organized groups of visitors, there is also the possibility of enjoying a meal. Finally, before their departure they will be able to purchase the wines which they tasted and preferred from the reception hall – display room.

During the season of producing Tsipouro (boiling in the alembic) the route to be followed will be slightly different. The wine tasting hall will just be another stop through the route to enjoy the magnificent view and watch the boiling taking place, while the tasting of the wines, the tsipouro and snacks will be held at the old stalls of the traditional “Tsipouradiko”.

Dalamara winery is an active member of ENOA?? (Wine Producers Association of Northern Greece Vineyard) and has been intricately linked to the network of wineries, hotels, restaurants, museums and various sights that make up the “Wine Routes of Northern Greece”, a programme of regional ecotourism funded by the European Union.

The visitor of the vinicultural route of Naousa can combine his visits to the region’s wine factories, with visits to several areas nearby which happen to be of great importance, and these are the following:

  • Vergina, the Macedonian Kings Tombs
  • Veroia (Byzantine and Laterbyzantine Temples, Archaeological Museum)
  • the Macedonian Tombs of Leykades in Naousa
  • Nymfaion of Mieza, right outside Naousa (the School of Aristotle)
  • Skiing Resort Three Five Wells
  • Skiing Resort Seli
  • Arapitsa
  • St.Nikolaos in Naousa


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