All about Koropi, East Attica.

DAVARIS ESTATE It is definitely worth tasting the Savvatiano and the Red wine made in the Davaris estate, whose aroma and flavor is typical for the Mediterranean vineyards. We try to make wines that will satisfy even the most demanding customer, yet sold at an affordable price.

You should see our winery and oil mill and also meet Mr. Antonis Davaris. His family entered the wine business in 1929 with the varietal Savvatiano. In 1966, Mr. Christos Davaris built the first typical winery of the family. Today, the family tradition in winemaking is continued by the third generation of the Davaris family, where Mr. Antonis Davaris belongs. This period is characterized by the thorough modernization of the winery, from winemaking to standardization.

Mr Antonis speaks of his big love, the wine, which he “betrays” for two months per year due to another love, the olive oil. As he, also, says: “For us, wine is part of our roots and tradition. In the Mediterranean, we appreciate AUTHENTICITY and QUALITY, characteristics that can, also, be found in our products.” Meanwhile, these characteristics apply also to Mr.Antonis Davaris.

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