All about Naoussa, Central Macedonia.

Domaine Diamantakos is located in the PDO Naoussa area. It is essentially a family firm and the produced wine is a product of the love we have for vinery and wine. We are the third generation of winemakers, counting more than ten years of bottling labeled products. Our mission is to combine taste, care and passion for quality wine production with the know-how and experience we gained over time. The wine culture of Naoussa brings great responsibility and raises the standards for the younger winemakers, but also leaves a rich legacy of knowledge; we have to make the most out of it and make it heard, providing the consumer with fine wine.

The vineyard of the Domaine is 4ha. The varieties grown are xinomavro and prekniariko. The land distribution is 3ha of xinomavro and 1ha of prekniariko. The vineyard has an eastern exposure, soil with medium to mild stony texture and is located at a height of 300 m. The subjects used for planting is the B41 and R110, whereas the soil pH is slightly alkaline. Most of the work in the vinery is manual labour, which allows only limited plant spoilage, hence the collection of better raw materials.

Xinomavro variety is rightly considered to be the king of the PDO Naoussa area. It is a red variety which is characterised by its polyphenol potential, as well as its ability to offer long maturation red wine.

The town of Naoussa is the only one in Greece to carry the honourary title of “International City of Vine and Wine” and owes this mainly to the variety of xinomavro.

Prekniariko is a white PDO Naoussa variety.. It gives strongly aromatic wines that are low to medium in acidity and high in alcohol content. At Domaine Diamantakos prekniariko is bottled as a monovarietal wine, as its characteristics are very unique.

The Domaine’s winery is located at the centre of the vineyard. It is fully equipped with modern technology machinery for raw material processing and winemaking. All the work, from wine harvest to bottling, is done at the winery, which includes areas for winemaking with stainless steel tanks and an underground cellar with oaken barrels, as well as storage areas for the finished bottles, a distillery for the development of secondary products and an enology laboratory.

The town of Naoussa is well-known for its grape spirit production, i.e. tsipouro. Diamantakos’ family was one of the first in the area to systematically work with Xinomavro distillates, while it maintains and spreads the valuable tradition of the area. The distillery is set at the same building with the winery. The process of distillation goes along with the warm hospitality to the visitor and the songs mingle with the fresh aromas of the distillate.

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