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The beginning

Domaine Costa Lazaridi with distinctive title “Chateau Julia”, was founded in Adriani, Drama in 1992. Starting with a small 10 hectare vineyard we cultivate today over 200 hectares with the nobles Greek and international varieties maintaining low yields to ensure the best possible quality of raw material.



Michel Roland

The winemakers of Domaine Costa Lazaridi are regularly consulted by Michel Roland, “The Flying Winemaker” Consultant for the red wines since 2004. Considered to be the red winemaking guru, Mr Roland consults some of the most important wineries around the world.


Florent Dumeau


For the white wines the company is consulted by Florent Dumeau, Master oenologists, former Technical Director of SARCO laboratories in Bordeaux and leading authority on white winemaking.


From three wines to five wine-families.

The first bottles were marketed in 1992. Amethystos white, Amethystos Rose and Amethystos Red. Today the Estate produces five families of wines, Amethystos, Chateau Julia, Domaine Costa Lazaridi, Oenodea and Oenotria Land.


As part of the Estate’s product promotion policy the company takes part in important wine exhibition around the world such as PROWEIN in Germany.In terms of international awards in the biggest and most prestigious competitions in the world the Estate has to show an extensive collection of over 700 awards and distinctions among which many gold medals.

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logo graperoverThe “Chateau Julia” wines tasted by GrapeRover: 


chateau_julia (1)


 Chateau Julia, one of the five “wine-families” of Domaine Costa Lazaridi, is named after Julia Lazaridis, the wife of the Company’s President Constantinos Lazaridis. As the Chateau’s name implies, most of the wines in this “wine-family” are French orientated.




 2010 Chateau Julia Assyrtiko, PGI Drama, 88 points.

white grapeclip100% Assyrtiko

vmlRegional: Sweetbreads/Walnut/Skordalia. World: crustaceans, shellfish, charcuterie, rillettes, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverGreen yellowish. Quite viscous. Fresh and crispy nose with an overload of lemon and grapefruit. On the palate again citrus together with peach and apricot. Fine herbs and a little chalky. Well balanced and complex. Rich, voluminous body. Impressive finish.



chardonnay julia

2009 Château Julia Chardonnay, PGI Drama, 89 points.

white grapeclip100% Chardonnay

vmlRegional: Crab Kritharotto. World: oysters, lobster, coquilles, pheasant, turkey.

logo graperoverBright golden yellow. Fat. Graceful aromas of ripe pineapple, lychee and apricot. Substantial buttery flavors supported by apricot and some vanilla. Balanced and complex with an intriguing finish. I would say at it’s top now.



chateau_julia_semillon_20092009 Château Julia Semillon, PGI Drama, 88 points.

white grapeclip100% Semillon.

wine barrel6 months on French oak.

vmlRegional: Asparagus fritters. World:  lobster, grilled prawns, sea bass, chicken ragout, smoked cheese (metsovone)

logo graperoverDeep yellow. Great viscosity. Concentrated aromas of manderine, lime and dry apricot with some vanilla. Complex, well structured, round flavors of caramel, citrus and reine claude, long vivid finish. To remember….


chateau_julia_refosco_2007 (1)2008 Chateau Julia Refosco / Agiorgitiko, PGI Drama, 90 points.

red grape clip60% refosco, 40 % agiorgitiko.

wine barrel12 months on new (40%) and old French oak.

vmlRegional: lagos stifado (hare stew), kokoretsi, moschari me kastana (beefstew with chestnut), matured creamy cheeses.

logo graperoverOpaque purple. Great viscosity. Ripe forest fruits like blackberry, black currant, combine wholeheartedily with cocoa and oriental spices. Distinguished soft tannins. Lively acidity (refosco) balances great with the rich flavors of the agiorgitiko. Firm structure, long lasting, juicy finish. Surprisingly good glass, combination of grapes!


chateau_julia_merlot_20082008 Chateau Julia Merlot, PGI Drama, 88 points.

red grape clip100% merlot.

wine barrel12 months on new (40%) and old French oak.

vmlRegional: Kokoretsi. World: organ meat (sikoti), roast game, spicy stews, strong cheeses.

logo graperoverInviting dark purple colored. Treackly. Expressive aroma’s of cherry, blackberry, prune, and eucalyptus. Charming flavors of black currant (cassis), cherry, bell pepper, game, vanilla, and clove. Medium bodied with a supple , round texture. Good lasting finish.