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“My father descends from the mountainous part of Arnea. I have always been enchanted by this place – by its nature, traditions, architecture and life.  CP claudia In 2003, when I first started setting up the vineyards and Winery, there was only one thought on my mind: “I am going back to my roots”.  Now, looking at the vineyard and our wines with my children by my side, I can honestly say I feel whole”.


In 2003 the first vineyards were planted in the areas of Arnea and Marathousa on 20 hectares of privately-owned land.
My belief in and love for this place made me choose organic farming, which led to the systematic selection of indigenous and international varieties based on the region’s microclimate.
Yield control was applied to the vineyard and state-of-the-art technology was employed in the vinification process. The wines had to have the best possible quality.
Based on this principle, the construction of the 3300m2winery began in 2006. The building was completed in 2007 and currently includes a vinification and bottling area, raw material and finished product storage areas, a laboratory-quality control, a 900m2 underground wine cellar/vault, a multimedia and wine-tasting room, and an area displaying the vineyard’s wines and other local products. In the spring of 2007 the Claudia Papayianni estate first appeared on the market with two labels, Claudia Papayianni White 2006 and Claudia Papayianni Red 2005, selling only 2,000 bottles.  This brought the estate its first distinctions in Greek and international competitions.

The 2007 harvest led to the creation of three new labels, the Claudia Papayianni rosé, Alexandra (named after Claudia’s daughter) from the old Greek Malagouzia variety, and Nikolas (her son) from the Merlot variety.
The 2008 production reached 100,000 bottles, passing the baton on to four new labels.
Two of these labels were named CP after Claudia Papayianni. The white wine was made from the Viognier & Assyrtiko varieties, while the red wine was made from the Xinomavro-Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon varieties and only a limited number of bottles were released.
The other two labels were named Ex Arnon, as a small tribute to the area. The white wine is made of Assyrtiko – Chardonnay and the red wine of Syrah – Xinomavro. Both constitute the estate’s affordable solution for a quality wine.

CP tractorCultivation.

The aim of all applied cultivation techniques is to create plants of medium robustness and vigour, which is a necessary condition for producing high-quality wines. The privately-owned, 20-hectare vineyard is being cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic farming and has received DIO certification. It extends at an altitude of 250-650 metres to seven adjacent vine-growing areas and stops at its natural boundary, a gully with plane trees. The vineyard has gentle slopes ranging from 5% to 20% and its rows run from east to west so as to provide protection against the cold northern winds and strong sunshine in the summer. The grapevines have been planted in rows (linear layout) with a space of 1-1.30m within each row and a space of 2.40m between rows. An irrigation system has been installed for dealing with extreme drought conditions in the summer. The planting density is 350-400 vines/1000m2, depending on the variety and using the 1103 Paulsen rootstock, and has a low yield of approximately 700-800 kg/1000m2. Pruning takes place using the bilateral or unilateral method (Cordon de Royat) and begins in March. Organic manure is used for fertilising. Only sulphur and copper are used to control grapevine pests. The grapes are harvested by hand and the harvest season begins in late August with the Chardonnay or Merlot varieties and ends in the first half of October with the Xinomavro variety. A telemetric meteorological station has been installed in the vineyard, which can forecast vine diseases. Information on the current weather conditions at the vineyard of Domaine Claudia Papayianni is available at with username : Papagianni and password: Meteo.

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logo graperoverThe Domaine Claudia Papayianni wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2010 Claudia Papayianni white, PGI Halkidiki, 88 points.

claudia-whitewhite grapeclip50% chardonnay, 25% malagouzia, 25% assyrtiko.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Shrimp stuffed sole. World: grilled fish, fish pastas, spicy fowl, cured meat, charcuterie, duck liver, matured cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright clear yellow. Some viscosity. Vivid symphony of crispy lemon and sensual tropical fruits in the nose. Broad complex fruit flavors with some mild oak. Appealing texture. Impressive finish. Good value.




2010 CP white, PGI Halkidiki, 87 points.

cp-white-xnvblackwhite grapeclip50% viognier, 50% assyrtiko.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Grilled Grouper. World: oysters naturel, crab/prawn salads, smoked eel/trout, roasted vegetables, veal casseroles, asian dishes.

logo graperoverBright yellow with green hints. Medium viscosity. Rather complex nose of crispy lemon, ripe peach, apricot and lychee. Well balanced acidity/sugars.
Elegant and zippy flavors. Delicately charming. Long finish.



2009 Ex-Arnon Claudia white, PGI Halkidiki, 84 points.

exarnon-w-xnvblackwhite grapeclip80% assyrtiko, 20% sauvignon blanc.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Gavros baptismenos. World: crustaceans, shellfish, sauteed flatfish, lobster, fish salads, fish soup (Kakavia), cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright yellow. Light viscosity. Fresh, crisp aroma’s of citrus, gooseberry and some peach. Frivolously light flavors of fresh fruit and gentle acidity. Light structure. Thirst-quenching. Pleasant finish.





2009 Ex-Arnon Claudia red. PGI Halkidiki, 82 points.

exarnon-red-xred grape clip80% xinomavro, 20% syrah.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Pasticcio. World: moussaka, lamb souvlaki, spicy meat casseroles, hard matured cheeses.

logo graperoverBright deep ruby. Medium viscosity. Charming aroma’s of ripe dark fruit. Pleasant acidity. Appealingly generous. Everybody’s friend.




2007 CP red, PGI Halkidiki, 88 points.

cp-red-xred grape clip50% xinomavro, 20% syrah, 30% cabernet sauvignon.

Dio organic certified.1_dio_new

wine barrel10 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Rib-eye steak. World: game, kleftiko, kokoretsi, prime red meat, spicy asian dishes, stifado, lamb chops, blue vein cheeses.

logo graperoverBright dark purple/red. Medium viscosity. Fine bouquet of soft ripe dark fruit and clear tannins. Round flavors of red currant, plum, black olive, dried tomatoes and mellow oak. Well structured. Persistant finish.