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Ever since last century, the Winery, under the trademark Mantzavino, has been producing some of the finest Greek wines that gained fame all over the world, preserving a long family tradition at Paliki, Kefalonia (also spelled Cephalonia). This chapter was brought to an end in 1996.

From 1999 onwards, Foivos S.A., the new proprietor of the estate, entered dynamically into the new era of the Winery, adopting its name and its emblem from the God of Light, Music and Harmony, Phoebus Apollo, who was worshiped at the ancient city of Pali (nowadays Lixouri) – especially in the rural region of Katogi where the Domaine vineyards are, and in the neighboring Dragon Cave of Gerogobos, as archaeological findings indicate – along with God Pan and the Nymphs, the deities of euphoria, dancing, wine and fun, those inseparable companions of God Dionysus.

Foivos S.A. embarked on a dynamic effort, utilizing the finest local vineyard varieties, in conjunction with their maturity and the ideal climate of the island of Kefalonia. Parallel to these, it furnished the old winery with modern equipment, combining traditional wine-making methods with updated technology.

Seferis’ verse “Just spill a drop of wine in the lake and the sun fades away” inspires, gives momentum and sets the aims of this whole effort.

foivos winery

Foivos winery

The vineyards of Domaine Foivos, the core of the historical vineyard of Katogi in Kefalonia, are the continuity of the Kefalonian wine evolvement through history, from antiquity till present day.

Vines of local varieties flourishing  at the low altitude fields of the south-western confines of Ulysses’ kingdom, carry on their legacy as the vine-land of ancient Pali, reaching us today as indigenous varieties growing in a “Homeric”  natural environment.

Mavrodaphne, Muscat, Moschatela, Vostilidi, Tsaousi, Corinthian, Araklino, Thiako – rare local varieties which provided the flavorsome wine once drunk by the heroes of Odyssey in mythology, the Palicisians later on in history and the Kefalonians in present day

Stretching over 6 hectares, these vineyards are located at the Paliki region – one of the two major grape-producing zones of Kefalonia – on a plain surrounded by low hills at Vatsa Katogis, almost at sea-level, half a mile distance from the seashore.

Moreover, there are cooperating viticulturists in the same region (with a further 10 hectares of vineyards), as well as grape-growers in the Robola zone.

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Theodoros Orkopoulos

Basic and famous varieties that grow locally – and it is common historical knowledge that they monopolized Venetian market after 16th Century A.D. – are Mavrodaphne, producing the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Kefalonian Mavrodaphne; and Muscat (or else Moschoudi), producing PDO Kefalonian Muscat.

Other varieties also prospering and ardently cultivated are Tsaousi, Vostilidi or Goustolidi, and Moschatela, producing the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wines of Mantzavinata, and in smaller scale Thiako and Araklino.

All the above varieties are cultivated at Domaine Foivos own grounds using environment-friendly and biodynamic methods.


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