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“Domaine Zacharioudaki” was created at the top of the hill “Orthi Petra” at an altitude of 500 metres, north of ancient Gortina, next to the village Plouti. In the year 2000, journalist Stelios Zacharioudakis and his spouse, Victoria, began the implementation of their vision to create an area as a tribute to the vineyard and wine, an area to mark the modern and very promising wine history of Crete.

Since ancient times, this area has had a long-standing tradition in vineyards and wines, a statement which has been proven true by recent findings of ancient pressing tanks carved into a rock, next to the village.

orthi petra

steep Orthi Petra







The winery

West of the vineyard is where the winery is located. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this 2000 m² winery is “a work of art in the modern wine industry”. The winery consists of 3 levels which begine at the top, following the sequence of wine production, namely the grape gathering level, the wine production level and the cellar where the maturing is achieved in oak barrels.

The gathering of white varieties is done at the highest level of the winery. With the help of gravity, the grape-pulp is driven down to the pressing tank, which is located directly beneath the gathering area. Once again, gravity drives the now must to the level beneath the pressing tank where stainless steel tanks are situated in which yeast extraction is completed. This way, the hassle of pumping the must is avoided.The red grapes are also passed down to the wine makers from the highest level of the winery without the aid of pumps.The tanks and wine makers have an automatic freezing system.


Family Zacharioudakis








Specific quantities of wine, which possess certain quality features, are placed in oak barrels in an underground maturing and aging area. That is where the wine cellar is located, the area where selected harvests are stored in bottles for many years.

The wines are bottled in a state-of-the-art bottling machine in the Domain, in accordance with the regulations of the international systems “ISO 2001” and “ISO 22000”, which guarantee the high quality of the final product.

The Land is situated amid an area rich in history and natural beauty.At a distance of 1 km south of the land is where the archeological sight of Gortina stands, the area where Zeus came together with Europe, the princess who gave her name to the continent. In addition, this is where the most ancient written legal text of Europe was discovered, the famous “Gortynia Code”.


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logo graperoverThe Domaine Zacharioudakis wines tasted by GrapeRover.

2011 Zacharioudakis Kodix white, PGI Herakleion, 86 points.

kodix witwhite grapeclip60%  malvazia di candia, 40% vilana, organic.

vmlRegional: Scorpion Fish & Venus Clam Chowder. World: eel or mackerel, roasted vegetables, risotto milano, charcuterie, foie gras.

logo graperoverStraw yellow. High viscosity. Impressive aromas of pear, melon, banana, apricot and peach with a waft of honey. Well balanced acidity. On the palate elegant ripe tropical fruits, underlayed with fine minerality. Excellent smooth mouthfeel. Medium/full bodied. A feast of the senses.



2011 Domaine Zacharioudakis Orthi Petra white, PGI Herakleion, 88 points.

zacha ortho witwhite grapeclip55% sauvignon blanc, 45% vidiano, organic.

vmlRegional: Swordfish & Skordalia. World:  aperative, foie gras/bacon, sauteed veal liver, spicy> oven baked pineapple, oriental dishes, bleu vein cheeses.

logo graperoverGolden yellow. Highly viscous. Abundant ripe fruits like pineapple, lemon, melon and papaya in the nose. On the palate a symphony of likewise fruits supported by some minerality, mint and fennel. Smooth, rich and balanced. Surprisingly pleasant grape-combination. Medium lenght finish.



2011 Domaine Zacharioudakis Vidiano, PGI Herakleion, 91 points.

vidianowhite grapeclip100% vidiano, organic.

wine barrel4 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Crab Kritharotto (Κριθαρότο με Καβουρια). WorldCrab (salads/oven), coquille, deep fried prawns, cured ham (serrano), pheasant with sauerkraut, matured strong cheeses (munster).

logo graperoverBrilliant green yellow. Highly viscous. In the nose: up-front aromatic fruit like pineapple, lychee and mandarin. Mellow tones of vanilla/cedar/hay. Well structured, full flavors of lemon, melon and peach. Quite luscious, elegant body with a fine base of honey and vanilla. Intense, admirable finish. Awesome grape variety with a great future, I believe….


2009 Domaine Zacharioudakis Kodix red, PGI Herakleion, 88 points.

kodix roodred grape clip40% cabernet sauvignon, 30% merlot, 30% kotsifali, organic.

vmlRegional: Moussaka. World: grilled/roasted prime meat, leg of lamb, beef casseroles, grilled stuffed peppers, spicy sausages, spicy pizza or guiche, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverRed purple. Medium viscosity. Fresh, clean aromas of cherry, blueberry and ripe fig, with some caramel/vanilla in the background. Charming flavors of red fruit, bell pepper, black olive and mountain herbs. Well structured with a good grip. Medium bodied. Tempting finish…..for more!


2008 Domaine Zacharioudakis Orthi Petra red, PGI Herakleion, 92 points.

zacha cabsauvred grape clip60% cabernet sauvignon, 40% kotsifali, organic.

wine barrel5 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Cypriot lamb souvla. World: saddle of lamb or hare, mushroom sauces, veal liver, venison, quail, spicy vegetable stews, rich blue vein cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep purple. Highly viscous. In the nose ripened blackberry, prune, cherry(amareno), mountain herbs with some gentle cedar/vanilla. Fragrances of leather and fried mushrooms. Earthy, full flavors fresh cherries, forest fruit with some hints of toffee and fine oak. Rich bodied with a long and complex finish. With patience this wine has even more in store, I believe…..


2008 Domaine Zacharioudakis Orthi Petra red. PGI Herakleion, 84 points.

zacha syrah kotred grape clip60% syrah, 40% kotsifali, organic.

wine barrel12 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Rabbit stifado. World: spicy game stew, herb-crusted lamb chops, kokoretsi, beef casseroles, grilled pork, matured (Dutch) cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep purple. Medium viscosity. Pleasant fruit aromas of cherry, black-currant, prune and plum. Soft spices like clove , cinnamon and pepper. Just a touch of oak and leather. Gently flavored with blueberry, prune and fig. Supple and smooth. Medium bodied. Good finish.