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The history.

The tradition and history of Douloufakis Family in vineyard cultivation and production started in 1930 when the grandfather Dimitris Douloufakis first established the professional wine production in old traditional premises.
In 1952 Douloufakis Family participated in the 17th International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki and was awarded a title for the quality of its products.


Nikos Douloufakis

Nowadays the vineyard cultivation and wine-production tradition of the Family is continued by the grandson Nikolas Douloufakis.
Having studied Oenology in Italy (Alba Intituto Agrario-Spezialitato in Diviticultura e Enologia) he has proceeded to the renewing of the wine premises and to the production of superior quality wines from his own vineyards.

The vineyards.

wine-tasting-greece-2The Douloufakis vineyards are situated in hill slopes at an altitude of 300 meters and the cultivation is done by mechanical means. They cover 82 acres and are located within the vine region of Dafnes, in Greece.

We have planted several varieties such as: VilanaVidianoSpina MuscatMalvasiaMandilariChardonnaySauvignon Blanc,LiatikoKotsifaliCabernet SauvignonSangiovese and Syrah. Apart from  privately owned vineyards, grapes are sourced from farmers who cultivate their own vineyards in the same area, that we work with.

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 logo graperoverThe Douloufakis wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Douloufakis Dafnios, PGI Crete. 90 points.

dafnios-whitewhite grapeclip100% vidiano.

vmlRegional: Crab Kritharotto. World: sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, fish salads, charcuterie, fried fat fish, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverBright golden. Medium viscosity. Heaps of wonderful ripe peach, goosebery and citrus on the nose. Herbal and slightly buttery on the palate. Medium-bodied and rich with balancing acidity and a lovely combination of primary fruit and tertiary aromas. Good lingering finish. Fully mature. Great value! This (ancient Cretan) grapevariety was resurrected only recently. Surely with a great future ahead!


2011 Douloufakis Enotria white, PGI Crete. 88 points.

enotria-whitewhite grapeclip80% vilana, 20% sauvignon blanc.

vmlRegional: Lemon / pepper calamari.  World: sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, fish salads, charcuterie, fried fat fish, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverPale greenish yellow. Medium viscosity. In the nose a rich array of citrus, green apple and pear. Juicy, thirst-quenching flavors with a fine acidity that stands for the use of the rather unknown vilana grape. Firm stucture, yet elegant, with a fresh, zippy finish.


2011 Douloufakis Femina, PGI Crete. 85 points.

feminawhite grapeclip100% malvasia di Candia.

vmlRegional: Stuffed calamari with metsosvo cheese. World: tomato salads, grilled greens, fish casseroles, pork, veal, hard cheeses.

logo graperoverPale gold. Medium viscosity. Charming bouquet of lime and orange blossom. Generous, round flavors of tropical fruit and some mediterranean herbs. Well balanced and firm structured. Good wholesome finish. A fine glass made from a rather mysterious grape.




2011 Doufoulakis Aspros Lagos white, PGI Crete. 88 points.

aspros-lagoswhite grapeclip100% vidiano.

wine barrel5 months on Acacia (60%) and French oak (40%).

vmlRegional: Avgotaraho. World: smoked fish, smoked chicken, charcuterie, grilled sardines, strong cheeses.

logo graperoverLight golden. Medium+ viscosity. Gentle perfumed and sweet nose with apricot, pear and florality. Some pleasing vanilla.  Rich flavor, round body and nose of ripe fruit with long vanilla aftertaste.  Aromatic wine with balanced acidity and good, lasting finish. Very good effort from an unexplored and interesting Greek indigenous variety. Bravo!


2011 Douloufakis Enotria red, PGI Crete. 86 points.

enotria-redred grape clip40% liatiko, 20% kotsifali, 20% syrah.

vmlRegional: Moussaka variation. World: beef stews, pastas, grilled vegetables, spicy sausages, grilled pork, souvlaki.

logo graperoverRuby color. Soft, round, elegant with fruity flavor. Peppery and light herbaceous. An easy drinking wine with excellent balance and medium long finish.




2010 Douloufakis Dafnios red, PDO Dafnes. 85 points.

dafnios-red1red grape clip00% liatiko

wine barrel9 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Greek rib-eye. World:  prime meat, meat pies, game, organ meat, rich pastas, vegetarian, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverBrick ruby. Medium viscosity. Strawberry, raisins, some tropical fruits and a slight touch of tar in the scent. Taste follows along the same lines. Very smooth tannins and a fairly short finish. Good grip and pretty straight forward. Medium finish.


2008 Douloufakis Syrah, PGI Crete. 89 points.

syrahred grape clip100% syrah.

wine barrel10 months new French oak.

vmlRegional: Cretan pork chops.  World: leg of lamb, saddle of lamb or hare, prime meat, game, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep dark purple. Dense viscosity. After some 30 minutes decanting an appealing aroma sets loose of caramelized blackberries, black cherries, sultanas, vanilla and oak. Full-bodied, peppery, with ripe fruit, soft tannins and high acidity. Long finish. An impressive syrah from Crete, at a reasonable price. This wine will surely improve still.


2005 Douloufakis Helios, PDO Dafnes. 89 points.

helioswhite grapeclip100% liatiko. sundried for 10 days, slow vinification.

wine barrel60 months on French oak barrigues.

vmlRegional: Feta cheesecake. World: ripened tropical fruit, lemon cake, foie gras, blue vein cheese.

logo graperoverDark amber. Dense viscosity. “Nectar-like”, complex fragrances of acacia-honey, raisins, fig-jam, orange peel, caramel and cedar. On the palate surprising elegant fresh acidity in great harmony with forementioned sweetness. Luscious is the appropiate word. Good lasting finish. Worth a great compliment.