All about Chania, Crete.

The family’s tradition is characterized by knowledge and experience with skills in winemaking from grapes. The creation of an important distribution network throughout Crete, the fixed policy, the absolute concentration on quality and care during the vinification process and the love towards Cretan products resulted in a steady development (and a constant rise in sales).

The company’s activities are not restricted in the domestic market but also expand to the export of the Cretan products to Europe/America. The company aims at the expansion of its sales network within the next few years, the expansion of the market and the promotion of the Cretan products both in Greece and abroad. The company aspires to create products of increasingly higher quality resulting from scientific care and respect towards tradition. So far we are synonymous with constant concern for high quality and an exemplary marketing system which emphasizes on the customer.

Of course we are endeavored to use the results of technical progress and agricultural science in order to offer the best possible quality to our customers. For this reason, the winery is already certified by I.S.O. 22000 and the organic cultivation for the production of the organic wine is tested and certified by Δ.Η.Ω.


Andreas Dourakis.

Andreas Dourakis.

Our history begins in 1986, when the vinegrower/wineproducer Andreas Dourakis returned from Thessaloniki to a place he calls home: a mountainous village near Krapi of Sfakia on the uniquely beautiful island of Crete, Alikambos. The area has one of the lowest rainfalls in Greece, the soil is rich in active materials and there are many slopes facing south. This is where he started cultivating his father’s vineyards. He was driven by two elements/facts:

a. his scientific knowledge and education on wine production: oenology in Weinsberg of Germany (Lehr und Versuch Anstalt fur Wein und Obstbau)

b. the long-drawn experience he gained by working in wineries not only in Greece but also abroad.

Soon he began to purchase his own land around his father’s vineyards in order to safeguard his independence. The road has indeed been long…

Please see HERE the Dourakis Winery website.

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