All about Arcadia, Peloponnese.

“Egkalos” Company was established in 2011 and its activity includes production, standardization and trading with wine and olive oil, products of the soil of Mountainous Arcadia, and named after the homonymous region in Tropea.

Egalos is a location in Arcadia, where lately vines of the best Greek varieties are planted and grown.
The wines produced are rich in aroma and flavor. Soil, climate and complete care ensure high quality.
Same wines are being produced for millennia in the same vineyards that gave their name to the region.
On this ground and our will to produce aromatic and delicious wines, we proceeded with the creation of a modern winery, respecting the tradition and modern requirements for high quality products. Our concern, to preserve flavors and aromas in packaging materials that ensure top quality products, distinguishing flavors and unique aftertaste!

Aiming to combine the traditional cultivation methods with the modern quality standards in the most efficient way, we created very modern facilities for the production of our products – wines and olive oil. Our modern winery, with European certificates and warranties, respects and keeps all the traditional “secrets” and knowledge for wine production, by applying at the same time the most modern methods. Similarly, the strictest quality standards are applied for olive oil production, in order to provide you pure virgin oil, which keeps all its benefits for your organism and its full bodied taste and flavor.

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