All about Megara, West Attica.The Evharis is a model farm on the production and bottling of fine wine varieties with the seal Evharis.  This corresponds to an area of 180 acres of low earthen hills at the foot of Gerania at an altitude of 380-400m.between two seas Corinthian and Saronic Gulf. Domaine is just an hour away from the bustling city of Athens. The replanting of the estate started in 1988.

evharis winemakers

Eva-Maria Boehme and Harry Anthony








Since then nothing happens without a detailed study of its owners, who have devoted themselves entirely to the production process of wine. ‘s love of the owners for growing vines and making wines prompted them to donate the initials of their names the Estate considering their spiritual children (Eva-Maria Boehme and Anthony Harris). Efharis The wines have earned the love and acceptance of the world for its fine quality and taste, which is confirmed by the numerous awards we divided each year in wine competitions both in Greece and abroad.

The choice of this particular site from Eva-Maria Boehme and Harry Anthony for growing indigenous and international grape varieties and production of quality wine was not random on undulating slopes of Gerania area of Megara vines cultivated as early as 800 BC . as the climatic conditions and topography are ideal. The area takes its name from the mansion, the son of wine from its own name connects with wine.

Vines of Evharis arrayed linearly in an area of about 40 hectares of pine trees and old vineyards. varieties grown are indigenous and international. The modules are linear and their orientation is towards the north, so the fylloma be well ventilated and grapes can breathe better. In this way, preventing the creation of excessive humidity and the plants protected from diseases. microclimate The plot gives the best climatic conditions is a prerequisite for the production of high quality wines.

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