All about Messinia, Peloponnese.

In 2006, the winery styled Eyrytus is passed to the hands of the third generation of Tsopelakos family. Demosthenes Tsopelakos, loyal to the tradition, and relying on the top quality products his family has been offering the area over the years, upgrades the existing winemaking unit, making it a modern plant which meets the quality and safety specifications of our time.

The unit, in its current form, consists of winemaking, aging, bottling, packaging and storage facilities, and has a processing and standardization capability of 170,000 bottles per year. The new winery includes state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and, guided by Tsopelakos’ family experience, ensures the exceptional quality of Eurytus wines.

Our goal is to create wines of personality. Demosthenes Tsopelakos’ personal attention to the selection of the grapes, the excellent conditions during wine processing and our passion for great outcomes, give us today the two Eurytus wines: our Roditis white and our Syrah – Merlot red.

The Messinian land, a gifted place

Sunny Messinia, one of the most south-western parts of Greece, with its many-kilometres-long unique beaches embraced by the azure water of the Mediterranean, is a centre of attraction for thousands of tourists every year.

One of the most fertile prefectures of Peloponnesus distinguished for its affluent production and constantly improving organization of its production units.

Excellent climatic conditions allow cultivation of various products, each one known for its quality and aroma. Extra virgin olive oil, Kalamata eating olives, dried figs and Corinthian raisins, form the basis of the Messinian, Mediterranean diet, to which Messinians owe their longevity for many centuries now.

Wine is an essential supplement to the local gastronomy and constitutes a part of the Messinian tradition.

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