all about Kavala, East Macedonia.

In 1990 Savvas Felahidis decided to be involved with the culture of biological grapes on high quality wine production. He therefore creates an experimental vineyard of 3 acres where he plants 8 different varieties of wine grapes.

On 1993 and after 3 years of research and appreciation he came to 4 varieties of first 8 wine-grapes are the most ideal for biological culture, based on region’s climatic conditions, the quality, maturing, resistibility to sicknesses (without chemical intervention) and  taste.

The same year he proceeds with planting and culture of 4 varieties in a new vineyard  of ​​15 acres of total surface, and in parallel he constructs a winery for wine production.

On 1997 he put on for the first time in the market “Fellachidi Vineyard” from the Chardonnay variety, a limited number of bottles, about 3,500.

Under continuous research on biological culture and dedication to his work, being on the same time himself in a direct involvement with the Vineyards, he puts as his object the constant research and vanguard aiming to wine’s flavor and taste improvement.

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