All about Nemea, Peloponnese.

Our winery was built in 1997 at the heart of our private vineyard of 7ha in Koutsi village of Nemea P.D.O. zone, at an altitude of 550m. First we chose the vineyard and then the location of our winery.

Koutsi is a semi-mountainous village surrounded by vineyards known for their chalky soils and good drainage. The cool temperatures, the ideal sun exposure and the steep inclination of the vineyards give lower yields than other parts of Nemea. Therefore, we strongly believe that Agiorgitiko grapes cultivated in Koutsi have higher quality than the rest zone of Nemea and are ideal for producing high-extract and oak-aged wines.

Our winery in Koutsi is a contemporary industrial building with magnificent views of the plains of Nemea and the valley of Asopos River, around 250m below. The state-of-the-art facilities can hold up to 3,060 hl of wine. Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and his expert team manage every step of the winemaking process with the sole intention of producing only top quality wines. The winery strictly functions in accordance with international standards of the  ISO 22.000 quality guarantee.

The winery is open to visitors throughout the year upon appointment.

Nemea in Peloponnese peninsula is the largest red P.D.O. appellation of Greece, home of the Agiorgitiko grape.

Nemea‘s key points

ClimateRelatively cold and humid winters with low temperatures that rarely drop below the freezing point. Summers are warm, without excessively high temperatures and with few showers during June. Typically, a long Indian summer follows summers. Warm September days with significantly colder nights and relatively dry conditions synthesize an ideal weather pattern for a good maturation. The total rain precipitations (600-700mm annually) occurs mainly (80%) between October and March.

Soil: It consists of a shallow (70-80cm) clay layer that lies upon the lime mother soil. This type of clay – called marls – unlike others can retain humidity and release it to the vines ones needed, thus helping in naturally monitoring water stress.

The vineyard starts at about 250m altitude and stretches up to 850m. There is a large variation of environmental conditions inside the P.D.O. area. Hillsides on calcareous soils and stony soils on foot slopes are considered the best for long-ageing wines.

gaia nemea

Nemea Winery.

– Grown almost exclusively in Nemea, in northeast Peloponnesus. Nemea P.D.O. zone covers 3.000ha.

– Moderately vigorous and productive vine. It matures in mid to late September, depending on the site and the yield.

– The wines have deep red color and aromatic descriptors of red-fruit (ripe strawberries, black-current) and butterscotch when young. Older wines from the best plots have aromas of confected or dried fruit (fig, raisins, plums). Tannins are remarkably soft and evolve in time very slowly.

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logo graperoverThe Gai’a Nemea wines tasted by GrapeRover:


2012 Gai’a Notios White, PGI Peloponnese, 87 points.

notios white

white grapeclip50% Moscofilero, 50% Roditis.

vmlRegional: Seared Bream. World: sushi, crustaceans, shellfish, cold cuts, rich salads, cream cheese.

logo graperoverClear color on the eye with just a touch of pale yellow. Delicate nose exhibiting a distinctive floral component, peaches, green apples, with a slight touch of honey and crushed stones. A light bodied wine with intense citric notes on the attack, great white fruits on the mid-palate with refreshing acidity, and a long steely mineral finish. Clear, precise, with small hints of fizziness as it opens up.




NV Gai’a Retinitis Nobilis Retsina, Traditional Appelation, 86 points.


white grapeclip100% Roditis.

vmlRegional: Lemon/pepper Calamari World: sushi, sashimi, rich salads, grilled fish, grilled pork.

logo graperoverVery unique wine. Rather good and subtle concentration of the actual wine. The pine resin is very dominant, very intense and fresh. I guess this is very well produced and enjoyable for connaisseurs. For sure rather nice with some Greek pork dish. 




2012 Gai’a Agiorgitiko 14-18, PGI Peloponnese, 87 points.

14-18h Agiorgitiko 2010_new_0

red grape clip100% Agiorgitiko

vmlRegional: Crispy chicken. World: Rich salads, grilled fish, spicy chicken, Asian food, cream cheese.

logo graperoverA rose made from 100% Agiogitiko grapes, the name refers to the amount of time the wine is kept in contact with the skins. Very intense watermelon red color with a pure nose filled with watermelon, cherry soda, raspberries, rose petals, with a touch of crushed black pepper. Very light refreshing wine with decent acidity, some cranberries, raspberries, and watermelon flavors.





2012 Gai’a Notios red, PGI Peloponnese, 85 points.

notios r

red grape clip100% Agiorgitiko.

vmlRegional: Braised quail kokkinista. World: meat casseroles, pasta, pizza, aged cheese.

logo graperoverRemarkable freshness and purity of fruit, proving Agiorgitiko’s capability of producing yummy unoaked reds for immediate consumption. Red and dark cherry and scents reminiscent of Beaujaulais Nouveau, with good balance and adequate length. Summer sipper.




2011 Gai’a Agiorgitiko, PDO Nemea, 87 points.

Agiorgitiko by Gaia'08_EN_new

red grape clip100% Agiorgitiko.

wine barrel6-8 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Flank steak. World: Lamb casserole, moussaka, red meat, pot au feu, rich cheese.

logo graperoverThe fruit here is clean and pure red cherry and plum. Sweet spices and floral scents are also present. Medium-bodied, soft and absolutely food-friendly. Very good weekday wine, especially at the special offer price of 7.5 euros that I payed for it. Even better on day 2 where it had gained more complexity and finesse.



2007  Gai’a Estate Agiorgitiko, PDO Nemea, 89 points.

Gaia Estate 2006_new_0

red grape clip100% Agiorgitiko

wine barrel12 months new French oak.

vmlRegional: Vine grower’s Lamb. World: game, prime meat, hearty casseroles, vegetarian food, matured cheeses,

logo graperoverMedium depth of ruby colour. Nose of medium intensity showing sour cherry notes, some leather and a little spice. Palate has a fluid texture, body is medium to high, there is a lot of fruit but the wine shows a nice savouriness as well. Impeccable soft tannins, good acidity and finish with a refreshing bitterness. A flavourful, clean and balanced wine of good depth which is drinking beautifully now.



2003 Gai’a Anatolikos, PDO Nemea, 91 points.


red grape clip100% Agiorgitiko, late harvest.

wine barrel60 months old French oak.

vmlRegional: Chocolate loaf. World: fruit based deserts, foie gras, blue vein cheeses.

logo graperoverA naturally sweet wine beautifully balanced with a refreshing acidity. Complex aromas that evolve between dry raisins, dry figs, dark chocolate & coffee.