All about Spata, East Attica.

Carrying our familly tradition we produce wine from certified organically and sustainable grown grapes, according to the E.U. 2092/91 regulation, under the supervisory organization of “DIO” which is the authorized carrier from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture approved by IFOAM. No synthetic chemicals are used throughout the grape and wine production.

Family’s owned vineyards -mostly arid- are located into the traditional wine making zone of Mesogaia. A basin enclosed by villages in the center of Attica penisula, located south east of Athens (South Greece), just 2 miles form sea, across the eastern coast .

Applying biodynamic standards in our organic certified vineyards in Mesogaia (Attica – central Greece), we carry on the long family tradition in viticulture and vinification in our winery in Spata (Athens). Being aware about the environment and minimal manufacturing additions, we are proudly produce three white dry wines from Sabbatiano the local indigenous white variety Asytriko and Malagouzia, two Retsina, two dry red, from SyrahMerlot, one red demi-sec and a sweet white, plus four no alcoholic grape juices and petimezi a nutrive traditional greek concentrate, which you are welcome to taste it cool in our winery in Spata (near Athens) and find more. Vine age varies from 10 – 50 years old, grown mainly dry.

Dimitri Georgas

Dimitri Georgas.

We are a small artisan wine producer, who make fine wine using natural farming techniques (including organic and biodynamic practices) with low-intervention vinification processes. Under the frame of organic viniculture and winemaking standards we produce excellent quality appellation wines, and nutrive grape products, affordable in every day dinner. As the forth generation of family’s viticultrures / winemakres, we are much aware on the protection of the environment throughout the product life cycle, with respect to the end consumer. We offer a less treated – raw whole grape products and wines, from local Mediterranean grape, using no or as less additives possible, from our own vineyards in Attica.

  • We respect the vineyard ecosystem
  • We use omeodynamic / biodynamic preparation since 2000
  • We follow the international organic winemaking standards since 1998
  • No oenological additives (except pure gas SO2 at low levels – 1/3 organic standards)
  • No cultivated yeasts
  • No chemical stabilization and preservation wine practicies
  • Vegan products (no animal products, albumen, casein, gelatin, fish glue, etc)
  • Wines with low free sulfite content, less than 30 ppm (which means no or very low SO2 additions), considerably less than national or organic standards)
  • Whole products, mild treatment in order to save sensitive grape nutrients.
  • Long barrel aged natural wines (zero sulfur additions)
  • Product quality is limited after opening.
  • Rich grape’s natural color dyes gets deep gold with light in white wines.
  • Sediment may appear at the bottom of the bottle as a result of no/mild filtering
  • Grape juice products are not filtered / homogenized

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