All about Thasos, East Macedonia.

When you know a place that consistently produced significantly good wine, you feel the attraction and the calling to keep on walking on its historical path. Today though taking into acount the island’s roadless and waterless mountain tops it’s not easy  to plant and take care of the vines. The challenge was so huge that in 2000 we decided to plant the first 5 acres. With great difficulty we managed to expand our acres from 5 to 25, which had a huge impact on us, both mentally and physically.

The environment is a clean, mediterranean forest and using something different than the implementation of organic farming would be wrong.  The wines that were produced were clear on every aspect (natural wines).  So by following traditional  and modern viticulture and winemaking techniques  we created our wines. The fermentation happens with the fungi that lives in our vines.  At no stage did we use sulfur for conservation or corrected their characteristics.

nikos giannakis

Nikos Giannakis

Our vineyards.  In the mountainous village of Sotira the residents have chosen an altitudinal zone of 400-550 meters around the village for implantation and cultivation  of their vineyards. The soils are sandy clay. The natural vegetation consists mainly of pines, oaks, ladanies, wild roses, ferns and blackberries.

The view is north-west towards the sea which is less than 3 km away.  In this slope position the vines are arranged in smaller and larger terraces giving the possibility of continuous ventilation of the plants. The cultivation is according to the local traditional practices. This way is not only biological but tends towards the biodynamic practices as well. We don’t use any tractors, fertilizers and pesticides  other than manure from neighboring  goats ,sulfur powder and copper oxychloride from time to time.  The varieties we grow are cosmopolitan merlot and cabernet and the local greek Limnio (red), Muscat of Alexandria and Assyrtiko (white).

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