All about Spata, East Attica

The Mesogeia have history and tradition in the vineyards and olives for over 3000 consecutive years due to the excellent climatic conditions and the easy availability of products in Athens.

The experiences and the culture of people who lived in the area were mostly around of these crops.

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Gikas vineyards

Andreas Gkikas when he finished his studies in Chemistry in the University of Thessaloniki in 1980, it was natural being a resident of Spata to continue his studies around the area of the vineyard and the wine. He achieved his diploma as Oenologist by the Ministry of Agriculture and the same time he attended the biennial program Marketing-Management of ELKEPA.

In 1983, he opened the enological laboratory. Throughout the 30 years of his career, he collaborated with many private and cooperative wineries all over Greece. In 1996, he decided to take advantage of family vineyards and also founded the winery.
In 2000, his daughter Vassiliki finished her studies in Oenology & Viniculture at Bordeaux and Toulouse and employed for one year in the wine center of Suze la Rousse. When she came to Greece she worked on the preparation of a modern vineyard on the slopes of Kithaironas and now she works together in the laboratory and the winery. 

His second daughter Maria, after completing her studies as a Physicist at the University of Crete, she continued her studies in England where she achieved her first MSc in Finance, Accounting and Management at the University of Bradford. Then she obtained her second MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University UCL London. Arriving in Greece she engaged in the family business.

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