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The wine factory of the Grammenos Family has its seat in Aerostato, on the top of the mountain of Sinarades, with view to the beach of Saint Gordis. The family’s occupation with the cultivation of the vineyards and the production of wine has its roots in the middle of the previous century. The experience of years, the knowledge, the love and the good taste for wine made the need for the creation of a modern wine factory, an imposed one, aiming the production of wines of high requirements, as the times impose. The continuous increasing dynamics of the enterprise is the cohesion of the encouraging results that are recorded in the local market.

Today, the wine factory of the Grammenos Family has in its ownership 30 acres of vineyards on the west slopes of Sinarades and in the region of Skafonas, out of which the 20 acres are cultivated with consolidated local white Kakotrygis variety, whereas the remaining 10 acres with the local red Petrokorythos variety. Apart from these, the company with its exclusive long-lasting cooperation with the same vine growers (under the supervision and the guidance of the company) makes wine from the white varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Rhodites and the red varieties Cabernet and Merlot, which are cultivated on the mountain slopes in Aegio.

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