All about Marathon, East Attica.

The Harlaftis winery is still based at Stamata in Attiki, in purpose-built facilities created by its founder, Nikos Athanassiadis, adjacent to the family vineyard. Of course, much has changed since then. Rampant housing development in the district, in recent years, has inevitably led to the shrinking of vineyard land. Not only the Harlaftis vineyards but also local vine growers, with whom the family has worked closely for many years, are now gradually moving further to the north of Stamata, in the areas of Marathonas and Kapandriti.


Northern Attiki is known since ancient times for the high quality wines it produces.
The microclimate of the lake makes this vineyard stand out. It is cool because of the humidity of the environment but with very good ventilation. Chardonnay is grown here.


An area also well known for its good vines.
Here, the vineyard is located at a higher altitude than the one in Marathonas. It produces Assyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc of exceptional quality.

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Diogenis Harlaftis.

Today, having undergone the necessary modernization, with certain essential additions and minor interventions, the Stamata winery continues its steady progress. Aiming solely at quality, the Harlaftis family have been working with the same passion and the same love for wine as their predecessors 80 years before and have now created remarkable labels, a fairly wide range of wines to satisfy all tastes. They insist on experimenting with new varieties, always serving the purpose of offering the best possible outcome to the market.

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