The island of Kos is well known for being the land of Hippocrates and medicine (and of course a popular holiday destination for those wanting sun, sea and sand).   However, what many of the visitors to this beautiful Greek island do not realise  is that it is also famous for it’s local products too.

Take for instance  it’s fine local wine.  The Winery Hatziemmanouil is an award winning Winery that has been in the family for generations.  Techniques and methods are used that have been passed from Grandfather, father and to son.

The name Hatziemmanouil itself has been associated with great wine on this beautiful island of Kos, for many, many years.  It is in fact quite recently though that the family name has been taken to a new dimension, the winery has expanded  and the wine that is produced today is of medal winning quality!

Vineyards require a great deal of loving care, attention and nurturing.  Vasilis and his beautiful wife Joanna (who was brought up in England, and they have 3 children), have dedicated  years, producing and marketing the Hatziemmanouil label, and providing not just the island of Kos with their delightful selection of wines, but other islands in the Dodecanese too.

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At this present time there are over 60 acres of vines that belong to the winery, with plans to increase this.

The grapes themselves as you will learn, are a variety, such as the Malagouzia and Asyritiko, the cosmopolitan Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Rouge and Syrah.  These delicious grapes (which are ripe and ready to pick during the month of August) are then combined and blended with various fruits, flavours, and even spices to give them all their distinctive taste.

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