All about Limnos.

The island of Limnos was known in antiquity for the excellent quality of her wines, like it is quoted from Aristotle. Thousand years later, the parallel progress which made by four generations of Chatzigeorgiou’s family, embodies the tradition of quality and the art of a rare timeless creation. The enterprise is based in Karpasi of Limnos. Under our supervision of cultivation in our privet wine factory, we make wine, aging and bottling strictly only for high quality wine.

A blessed land, like archeological searches prove, has inspired the art of viniculture from Neolithic years. Therefore it is not accidental that LIMNIA GI in antiquity, as it is said, was one of the most significant centers of Diogniside worship.

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Prize winning Ifestia.

In many sources and ancient texts, Limnos is referred as a place of production of quality wines. Later on both during the Roman and the Byzantine period there are facts from the monks who worked in the monastery dependency of Limnos that one of their main activities was cultivation of wines of the island and the production of wine.

In modern times we have a large number of references from various historians, travelers, etc. who used to visit Limnos and wrote that the greatest products which produced in the island was grape, must and wine. Of course the references until that time were made for the red variety Limnia or Limnio (Corn in the local dielact) which was almost the exclusive variety of the island.

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