All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia.

The company Kamara Winery SA under the name Kamara Kioutsoukis Estate was founded in 2009.It  is a family business, with all family members participating actively. What led to the foundation was our love for quality Greek wine.Our personal goal is to offer a quality product to those who taste our wine . In order to achieve this, apart from the meticulous process of winemaking, we also followed  the biological method of agriculture in our vineyards from the very beginning, so that the raw material meets our quality requirements.

The Winery.

The construction of the winery began in July 2011. In 2009 the whole project became part of the123A measure in the program Alexander Baltatzis,Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

It occupies an area of ​​950 m2, developed on three floors. The machines used for the winemaking are state of the art.

The winery, built in an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty and surrounded by vineyards, offers a breathtaking view. Beneath the vineyards,we have created ponds, taking advantage of the water that flows in abundance in winter,complementing the natural beauty of the landscape.
It is a sophisticated place, in harmony with the natural environment, which aspires to become both a modern place to produce wines of exceptional quality and a visiting winery open for wine lovers and not only.

Our Vineyards.

We have a vineyard in Northern Greece , 25 km away from Thessaloniki, the second biggest town. The vineyards are in latitude 40”B – 22”E.Some of the 8 ht vineyards are planted in rows with Western direction and some of the them are planted from North to South depending on the slope of each vineyard. The distance between the different vineyards is maximum 1 Km.The climate is semi mountain with some low hills (altitude 300m) and the vineyards are 140m altitude.

The climate is Mediterranean . Winter is mild with the lowest temperature not exceeding 5-10oC.We have 1 to 2 times snow/year mainly in January or February.It rarely snows on March for 1-2 days.Summer is hot and dry.There is usually drought on July which ends after September.
All the vineyards have 6-12% slope and they also have good drainage.If we have a rainfall on the summer morning the soil will be dried until afternoon.
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